CMA announces tender for Dhamani platform's e-payment service

Business Sunday 16/May/2021 17:28 PM
By: Times News Service
CMA announces tender for Dhamani platform's e-payment service

Muscat: The Capital Market Authority (CMA) announced a tender for e-payment service for Dhamani health insurance platform. The service will enable transfer of funds between health services providers and insurance policyholders.

The e-payment service will be added in the first phase of the platform which will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021 to enable the regulators to monitor funds transfers between the parties of the insurance relationship to ensure the funds are paid within the specified term in the health insurance regulations.

Dhamani is an electronic platform for exchange of information, claims settlement, funds transfer, requests for approvals and verification and audit of insurance coverage between the parties of the insurance relationship, the regulators and supervisors. The platform will enhance the quality of insurance services and the levels of transparency in all the transactions besides providing accurate data on the market conditions reduce fraud, abuse and misuse to preserve market stability and to promote confidence in the health insurance market.

Dhamani platform will be implemented in a number of phases due to the size of technical and operational requirements of the platform. The first phase will commence in the last quarter of 2021 which by linking the platform between the government entities related to the health insurance scheme, insurance companies and health services providers for exchange of health insurance transactions electronically.