All commercial activities except gyms can operate from May 15: Muscat Municipality

Oman Saturday 15/May/2021 07:52 AM
By: Times News Service
All commercial activities except gyms can operate from May 15: Muscat Municipality
Muscat: Muscat Municipality has confirmed that all commercial activities can reopen from Saturday, May 15 except gyms.
The Muscat Contact Center, the official account of Muscat Municipality, in its interaction with the public, confirmed that all commercial activities and shops after 8:00 pm will operate without the entry of customers, while delivery and handling system is allowed. Customers can enter food stores throughout the day, while shopping malls, restaurants, shops, and cafes are allowed 50 per cent of customers until 8 pm.
The Contact Center confirmed that among the shops that will be covered by the reopening during the day are vehicle repair shops, barbershops, beauty salons, vehicle wash, and all others.
The center also confirmed that the gyms, sports clubs and grass sport lands, tartans, will be closed until further notice.
The Muscat Municipality Contact Center stated that children under the age of twelve are prohibited from entering all commercial stores.
It is worth noting that the Supreme Committee in charge to deal with COVID-19 issued on Thursday, May 13, 2021, three new decisions, which will be implemented from Saturday, May 15, 2021, and they are as follows:

First: End the implementation of the decision banning the movement of individuals and vehicles.

Second: Prohibition of receiving commercial activities for customers inside stores in all governorates of the Sultanate between 8 pm to 4 am, with the provision of delivery and handling services, and foodstuff stores are excluded from the ban.

The committee also confirmed in this context that the decision to reduce entry to malls, commercial shops, restaurants, and cafes will continue to apply for no more than 50% of their capacity in the period allowed to receive customers.

Third: Resumption of work with a decision to reduce the number of employees who are required to attend the workplace in the units of the state’s administrative apparatus and other public legal persons to 50% of the total number of employees, provided that the employees who do not attend the workplace perform the tasks assigned to them by the work system more than distance.