It was really a deserving win against a team in form: Klopp after win over Man United

Sports Friday 14/May/2021 13:50 PM
It was really a deserving win against a team in form: Klopp after win over Man United

London: Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-2 at Old Trafford on Thursday and manager Jurgen Klopp believes his team was better on the night and deserved to win the Premier League clash. He went on to praise the boys for starting well.

"All football games are obviously different. First and foremost, if the defensive line makes a mistake it's probably most of the time forced by the opponent. I thought we had a good game; we were better tonight, so we won the game. We caused them more problems, that's why we won the game. But first and foremost, I have to say the start in the game tonight was better because we had to adapt to a few things," he said in the post-match press conference as reported by

Asked on the feeling of winning at Old Trafford for the first time, Klopp said: "I liked the timing, to be honest I would say we needed it tonight the most pretty much, so we did it. But I know it is very tricky, that's why it took so long until we did it. But I think tonight it was really deserved, against a team in form, it was really deserved tonight. I am really, really pleased with the way we played.

"We had difficult moments in the game, but we overcame them and that makes a good result usually. If you finish your own situations off, if you deal with all the setbacks in the game with the goal you conceded and penalty you don't get, a foul you don't get and all these kind of things, then you are on a good way to win a football game."

Having won against Manchester United, Liverpool has kept the Champions League hopes alive for next season and Klopp said that the only way to go about it for the remaining games is to go out and win games.

"The good thing is that we anyway play always to win the game, you just didn't see that too often this season -- but that's more our problem than yours! But we don't have to change the approach, no. The only thing we can do to get to the Champions League is to win all our games. The only thing that changed in that regard after last night is that if we win all four games then it will be, that was not the case before so that's the only thing that changed.

"Apart from that, it's been clear for weeks what we have to do, that's why the two draws against Leeds and Newcastle, with conceding goals in the last minute, felt so much like a defeat. I know for supporters, journalists all these kind of things it means, 'Yes, they won now against United, now they go to West Brom...' and stuff like this, but we are not like this, thank God.

"West Brom plays an exceptional second half of the season, obviously. It was tough for them, it was really close and they played some really good football. They are now completely free of pressure so that can lead to anything. So, we take it game by game. Tonight, we were good enough to win it and then on Sunday if we would be good enough to win the next one, that would be really cool as well," he explained.