Training programme for Omanis in insurance industry concludes

Business Monday 10/May/2021 15:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Training programme for Omanis in insurance industry concludes

Muscat: The Capital Market Authority (CMA) concluded Branch Manager Certificate Programme which was organised in collaboration with the Banking and Financial Studies College.

It was held as part of the Tamkeen training series that focuses on the quality of the programmes to furnish specialised Omani cadres for the insurance industry and to Omanise senior and leadership positions through rendering long-term and short-term training programmes.

The one month and a half specialised programmes designed for branch managers of insurance companies contributed to preparing the national cadres for administrative positions available in insurance firms by acquainting them with the skills and knowledge that enable them to deal with different customers and to sharpen their capabilities in sales, marketing and customer services beside upgrading the level of knowledge transfer and team leadership in the branches of insurance companies.

The programme targeted in its first session the current managers and their assistants in the various branches of the 20 insurance companies operating in the Sultanate. Thirty participants from the branches took part in the programme which employed remote learning techniques through an interactive platform.

The programme was divided into two parts, the first on business insurance which included seven topics such as principles of insurance, underwriting practices, insurance products, insurance claims, understanding financial statements of insurance companies’ branches, operational risk management and marketing and management of sales teams and customers relationships. The second part was on management and leadership.

Mohammed Al Farei, Claims Officer at Oman United Insurance Company who participated in the programme said, “The programme was unique in form and content which will act in sharpening the skills and knowledge of the different aspects of insurance to qualify the employee to work in the various sections of the company beside acquainting with  the latest management practices in the insurance industry which encourage the CMA to continue qualification of Omani cadres able to manage the different aspects of this sector."

Eman Al Ghadani, Al Amerat Branch Manager of Al Madinah Insurance said, “The programme included important aspects in the scope of work and is considered one of the best programmes that would contribute to yielding certified branch managers thanks to CMA for this move which translates their keenness to upgrade the skills of the Omani cadres."

It is worth noting that Omanisation in the insurance sector reached 79 per cent with 51.7 per cent in senior positions, 72.4 per cent in medium administrative positions and 85.7 per cent in operational roles as per the statistics of the insurance sector in 2020.