Cycling: Key to a healthier life

T-Mag Wednesday 05/May/2021 17:50 PM
By: Statepoint
Cycling: Key to a healthier life

Whether rediscovering the joy of riding a bike or taking a ride for the first time, cycling saw a boom during the pandemic, and many believe this trend is here to stay. This is an excellent time to recognise the many benefits of this healthy habit, and outfit yourself with everything you need to embrace your inner adventurer.

Recognise the benefits

Bicycling is a heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise that strengthens your lower body, yet is low-impact on joints, making it a terrific workout for adults of all ages, as well as kids and families. It’s also great for the mind, and has been shown in studies to boost mood and improve cognitive function. But the benefits extend beyond the individual. Biking as a substitute for driving a car is good for the planet and your local community, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants and improving traffic congestion.

Find time to bike

Changing or creating a single habit can have unexpected and wide-reaching effects. Even with a jam-packed schedule, you can establish the habit of biking by seamlessly incorporating it into your current routine. Here are a few ideas for doing so:

• Pick one to two days a week to commute to work by bike.

• Swap out sedentary activities you do to unwind with your family, such as watching TV, with bike rides.

• Are weekends the time you spend connecting with friends? Suggest your next meet-up start with a bike ride.

• Whether you’re a runner, swimmer or love working out at home, swap at least one workout a week with cycling. Cross training emphasises different muscle groups and helps build out a more well-rounded fitness routine.

Go electric

Electric bikes are great alternatives for all adult riders, no matter your level of experience. An e-bike helps you get back on a bike if it’s been a while since your last ride, if you have physical limitations that make riding a standard bike difficult, or if you want to keep up on a ride with more experienced friends. The pedal-powered boost can also provide a less intense alternative to traditional biking, especially for those looking to commute without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s to ease back into biking or you just want a cool bike, the e-bike offers the same joys as a conventional bike ride with a bit of a kick.

Get equipped
Ensure each member of your family is equipped with the bike that best meets their needs. Whether you’re an adrenaline seeker in need of a tough, durable mountain or gravel bike, or a day tripper seeking a cruiser or comfort bike, the brand should offer a range of models in every style.