Shop more at with ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’

Roundup Wednesday 05/May/2021 16:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Shop more at with ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’

Muscat: Let wallet balance no longer be a constraint in making your shopping experience remarkable. Middle East’s most trusted e-commerce platform collaborates with Spotii to provide a range of convenient payment options which aids the customers to pay for their shopping costs in equal instalments and allows them to run errands with credibility with no stress of paying right away. This compelling feature Shop Now, Pay Later allows customers to shop to their hearts’ content without worrying about the balance in their wallet.

‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ scheme helps customers handle both every day and big-ticket purchases with four equally spaced and convenient payback schemes. This wallet-friendly payment gateway allows the customers to afford the luxury to shop what they have always coveted without further ado. Instead of having to pay the entire cost upfront, the clients can choose to pay over time with no pressure of finance hanging over them. Being able to negotiate their finances and to choose how and when they pay, without accruing interest rates, annual fees and confusing terms of service make customers have a positive purchase experience.

‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ application is easy to use, flexible with a lot of favourable options and transparent with no latent cost. After a successful rendition in Dubai ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ application is now launched in Oman with the intent to assist customers with seamless shopping. ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ innovative, client-friendly and secure payment gateway will enable the customers to have a phenomenal shopping experience and is delighted to render the same. We are certain that our sales will escalate and our customers will be contented,” said Shafi Komath, Oman Region Head,

One of the other umpteen benefits of the ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ scheme is that it circumvents many of the biggest downsides of in-store payments and card systems. It supports clients to plan their finances wisely without forcing them into one-sided credit agreements with unfair interest rates. The customers can cart their favourite products and select a payback plan via the account they have created with Spotii. They can go for something that suits them best; biweekly or monthly both being zero cost, zero interest plans. The account also helps the clients with timely alerts and reminders and other propitious propositions.

Being a platform up to the task, has successfully rendered many innovative schemes in e-commerce. The ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ scheme is the latest addition in the list that has transformed the retailer-client equation and has opened avenues of possibilities in the digital retail space by offering the clients an up to par shopping experience with no pressures of any kind attached.

To launch the feature in Oman and to repeat the same success story is an added responsibility for the channel but we take up this task with pride as we are certain that ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ will take up the digital market with a storm. We assure you that the feature will work magic for us in Oman as well and we will be able to live up to the expectations of our customers as we have always done.

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