New COVID infections in Oman up 97% in March-April

Oman Sunday 02/May/2021 21:19 PM
By: Times News Service
New COVID infections in Oman up 97% in March-April

Muscat: There has been a significant increase in new cases of coronavirus infections and deaths in the region between March and April 2021, a social activist and data analyst has found after analysing Ministry of Health data.

Speaking exclusively to the Times of Oman, Ibrahim Al Maimani said, “There has been an increase of 97 per cent in new infections between March and April 2021. The number of new cases in March reached 17,722, and in April it reached 34,886.”

He cited the data to point out that July 2020 was the highest in terms of new infections which had reached 39,000 then. The rate of recovery rose 164 per cent, as 11,507 recoveries were recorded in March 2021, against 30,394 recoveries in April 2021.

In terms of hospitalised cases, Al Maimani confirmed, “It was noticed that the number of hospitalised patients at the end of March was 515, and by the end of April, there were 821 cases, an increase of 59 per cent.”

He said also, “As for intensive care cases, their number reached 156 cases at the end of March, and further rose to 276 at the end of April, an increase of 77%.”

“When analysing the death  index, which is the most important indicator, we notice a large increase in deaths, as the total deaths in March 2021 reached 108, and further to 343 in April 2021, with a rate of 11.5 deaths per day.

On Sunday, statistics made available on Tarassud, the coronavirus monitoring app of the Health Ministry, showed that the number of those hospitalised during the past 24 hours reached 101, with 276 patients admitted to ICU, bringing the total number of patients admitted to health institutions to 821.

The Sultanate also recorded 33 deaths during the past three days bringing the total deaths to 2,043 and the number of new cases of coronavirus to 2,554, according to the daily report of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry stated that the total number of registered cases in the Sultanate stood at 195,807, recovered cases 176,833, (90.31 per cent) , and deaths 2,043 deaths  (1.04 per cent). While the total number of those currently sick with COVID-19 disease in the Sultanate is 16,931, at 8.65 per cent.