Craftsman documents Oman’s historic models from gypsum

Oman Sunday 02/May/2021 18:56 PM
Craftsman documents Oman’s historic models from gypsum

Ja’alan Bani Bu Hasan: Ahmed bin Rashid Al Masrouri, from the wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bu Hasan, Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah is a professional craftsman in the field of making gypsum work and is concerned with heritage, forts and castles.

He works in the field of making historic models from gypsum in the form of forts, castles and historic items depicting Omani architecture and the deep-rooted heritage and traditions.   

Al Masrouri has participated in over 35 events and exhibitions within and outside the Sultanate. Through this profession, Al Masrouri aims to familiarise the upcoming generations and tourists with the glorious heritage of Oman and to document Oman’s heritage items.

Al Masrouri has his own project for antiques and gifts which hosts models for heritage items, forts and castles depicting the beauty and originality of Oman’s architecture. These models are used as gifts.