Muscat flight to Bangalore, Mangalore cancelled, others rescheduled

Oman Saturday 01/May/2021 18:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat flight to Bangalore, Mangalore cancelled, others rescheduled

Muscat: Passengers who intended to fly on 2 May, 2021, to Bangalore and/or Mangalore from Muscat will need to look for an alternative, after Air India express cancelled the flights to the two Indian cities.

Those who still wish to travel to Mangalore can do so on the flight scheduled for the 6th of May.

Flight IX 817 was scheduled to depart from Mangalore at 8:50 local time, before landing at Muscat at 10:30, while IX 818 was expected to take off from Muscat at 11:30 and arrive in Bangalore at 16:15. At 17:30, it was to depart from Bangalore, and arrive an hour later in Mangalore.

A number of flights operating to other Indian cities have also been rescheduled or merged: the flights that were operating separately to Hyderabad and Kochi on 3 May have been combined. The service will now take off from Hyderabad at 8:20, arrive in Muscat at 10:20, depart for Kochi at 11:20, land at 16:30, take off for Hyderabad once again at 17:20, and arrive at 19:00.

The Tiruchirappalli-Muscat flights that operate from 1 May onwards will now leave India at 21:15, and land in Oman at 23:45, while those that are scheduled to start operations from 2 May onwards will depart from Muscat at 10:40, and arrive in Tiruchirappalli at 15:35 that afternoon. Both services will run until 23 October.

Similarly, the Lucknow service that is set to operate between 2 May and 24 October will leave Muscat 45 minutes past midnight, arrive in Lucknow at 5:25, leave for Oman at 7:20, and land in Muscat at 9:40.

Flights to Kannur will continue to run, per a revised schedule. Two flights a week will operate between the cities. The first flight will depart Kannur at 20:55 and land in Muscat at 23:25, before departing Oman 25 minutes past midnight the next day, and arriving in India at six o'clock in the morning.

The second, however, effective 8 May until 29 May, will depart Kannur at 23:45, arrive in Muscat at 2:15, leave Muscat at 3:15, and return to Kannur at 8:50.

Services to the capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, will also function under revised timings: from 5 May to 27 October, flights will leave Kerala at 10:40, arrive in Muscat at 12:55, leave Oman at 13:55, and arrive back in Thiruvananthapuram at 19:15.

Furthermore, Air India Express’ Muscat to Kozhikode service will cease operations until 24 October.