Zubair SEC member’s company Al Broumi Honey opens first dedicated store

Roundup Sunday 25/April/2021 14:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Zubair SEC member’s company Al Broumi Honey opens first dedicated store

Muscat: Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) member Naser Saleh Al Broumi, founder of Al Broumi National Enterprises company, has opened a dedicated store for Al Broumi Honey products in Izki.

The store was inaugurated under the patronage of Younis Ali Al Manthari, member of the Shura Council and representative of Wilayat Izki. Said Al Sahib, Director of Zubair SEC, dignitaries from the Wilayat and executives from the centre were present on the occasion.

The event also included the unveiling of the Al Bourmi Honey’s website, www.albroumihoney.com as well as the launch of an animated brand character – ‘Shahad, the Bee.’

Naser Saleh Al Broumi, owner of Al Broumi National Enterprises company which specialises in honey products, is a member of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2017. Al Broumi Honey launched in 2017 has grown to be one of leading brands in the field of Omani honey.

Congratulating Naser on the opening of the store, Said Al Sahib, Director of Zubair SEC said, “The launch of the dedicated store is an exciting development for the Al Broumi Honey brand. As a brand offering high quality Omani honey, we are hopeful that this positive turn will help strengthen Al Broumi Honey’s position in the market. As an existing business owner, he is aware of the ever-growing demands of his business, which is only set to grow further in the years and decades to come. As part of Oman’s significant social responsibility initiatives Zubair SEC will always be in the forefront of assisting ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow assertively.”

Ali Shaker, Advisor, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Zubair SEC said, “The opening of the first Al Broumi Honey store constitutes a quantum leap for the brand. Over the years since its launch the distinctive products have gained the trust of the customers. Until now it was sold through different outlets in the various governorates of Oman. In addition to exporting to some countries in the region, the brand has participated in various trade fairs specializing in honey in the last many years. We are proud of the growth our member’s company has accomplished over the years.”

Naser Al Broumi said, “The store will enhance the brand's presence in the market. I also hope that this store will be a starting point to opening of other branches. I am exceedingly appreciative of Zubair SEC’s support over the years. Their motivation and encouragement throughout my entrepreneurial journey have been uplifting.”