Oman motoring: Protect your car with style at Reflexions 44

Lifestyle Sunday 15/January/2017 17:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman motoring: Protect your car with style at Reflexions 44

Investing in a new car brings about a sense of pride, admiration, and care. But after several months, the car paint starts to fade, and acquire swirl marks and stone chips owing to many reasons. So how can you protect your car? There are many car care service centres in Oman, but how do you choose the best?

Reflexions 44 is one of the finest car care boutiques in the country as it offers some of the best products to keep your car shiny, clean, and protected.

Do you want to protect your vehicle interior from high heat and UV fading? Do you want to protect the paint, fabric, or leather of the car? Do you want a simple elegant sticker to differentiate your car from others? Or a minor body fix?

Does it have a paintless dent that needs to be repaired? Do you want to restore the beauty of your car, the wheel rim, or the headlight?

All these will be answered at Reflexions 44. Run by a group of qualified professionals, Reflexions 44, has already become a household name among car lovers in Oman.

“There is no other pleasure than the joy of a simply clean and protected car”, said Khalid Said Al Wahaibi, managing director of Reflexions 44.

According to Jonathan Heinsen, master retailer at Reflexions 44, the car boutique follows systematic approach to detailing. “With so much competition and false promises in the market, it’s hard to stand out, so I made sure my work speaks for itself,” said Jonathan, who is a popular name in the GCC.

“My secret is consistency, that’s why I created a 44 stage systematic approach to detailing from the first step to the last step. This formula works on every car. Most of all it delivers masterpieces every-time. “If you ever had your car detailed you will know what I mean when I say that a perfectly clean car can satisfy all your senses,” he explained.

“We not only take care of premium cars but also other brands as well. We do not shy away from any work. People these days do not worry about spending on car care. They want to see their cars in their best look. So as soon as they buy a new car or in need of car care services, they can just drive to Reflexions 44 for complete protection and detailing,” he said.

According to Siddiq Ahmed Khan, business manager at Reflexions 44, detailing a car can be done anywhere. “Quality and trust matters, intention and the use of products alone are not enough to produce good results.
“It requires the correct procedure and the application of special care techniques is what leads to the desired outcome.

“We have confidence in our expertise, knowledge, experience, and our products such as Swissvax (Swiss), Modesta (Japan), Bodyfence (France), and Huper Optik (USA), the world’s best brands. Most of our products come with a life-time warranty,” Siddiq said.

Jonathan, who comes with years of experience in car detailing, had the honour of working with the world’s most elite cars. “I love cars and I started my career as a technician in USA. “Dubai is where I gained most of my experience. I have picked up many skills along the way, took a lot of risks, and made my way to the top of the detailing industry,” he said.

Reflexions 44 and its team offer expertise to customers based on their driving style and other conditions.

“Most of the people do not know what they need for their car so we lead them in the right direction. We recommend services based on their driving style and other conditions, from that we formulate a package,” he said.

“We detail and protect your car according to your needs because not everyone likes shiny tyres or a shiny dashboard. So we pick and choose what you need. Our smart repair technology helps those people who have lost interest in car care simply because of a dent or other damage on the car. We fix these things on affordable rates. It’s a question of style,” he added.

Reflexions 44 is in Azaiba next to the Ferrari showroom. Contact Jonathan at + 968 2413 9340 or +968 9068 9852

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