Ferdinand rips into European Super League, says it's war on football

Sports Tuesday 20/April/2021 17:38 PM
Ferdinand rips into European Super League, says it's war on football

Manchester: Former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand has slammed the club for being involved in the formation of a breakaway European Super League, saying that it is a full-on declaration of "war on football".

A group of 12 European clubs on Monday confirmed their plans to launch a new European Super League. Among these 12, six belong to the Premier League -- Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea. "I think this breakaway group of teams, this is a war on football. It's a disgrace. It's embarrassing. And it goes against everything football is about. There's no consideration for the history, for the people in the different parts of the pyramid below the top, top teams that they're trying to separate from," Ferdinand told BT Sport, as reported by Goal.com.

"It's a disgrace, I can't believe it. How have they got the audacity to do it in the climate we're in at the moment with the pandemic around the world? I think the element of being anti-competitive goes against everything football is about. Relegation, promotion, being rewarded for winning, being punished for not winning: these are things that add to the value of our game that we love," he added.

Talking about United being a part of these 12 clubs, Ferdinand said: "I'm embarrassed. There have been so many things thrown at the owners over the past few years, but this situation now -- to be a part of that group that wants to break away and leave everybody for dead -- that's an embarrassment."

"I can't believe it. I'm sorry, I'm a Man United fan, I love the club, but I can't stand by and support something like that at all," he added.

The talks around the launch of the European Super League has been met with severe backlash ever since reports started doing rounds in the media of the formation of the league.

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin had also said that the players participating in the European Super League will be banned from the World Cup and Euros. He was also left fuming and he launched a scathing attack on all the 12 clubs involved and he made his intentions clear on what might be the fate of the players if they play the European Super League.

Ceferin had also slammed Manchester United and Juventus chiefs Ed Woodward and Andrea Agnelli and he went on to call them "snakes" after they led proposals for the Super League.