Omani photographer Adnan Basher's advice to newcomers
September 23, 2017 | 9:21 PM
by Times News Service
Passion and practice lead to perfection, says Omani photographer Adnan Basher.

Muscat: Adnan Basher Daheish, a 34-year-old Omani photographer, is interested in nature and lifestyle photography.

Adnan is a member of the Photography Society of Oman, and has displayed his work at local and international galleries and events.

“I wasn’t the best photographer at the beginning. I faced loads of technical difficulties, but none of that stopped me. I practiced all the time and asked other professional photographers, back then, about tips and advice. To be honest, at first I felt that I was an annoying person, every time I asked them, but later I realised that this was the only way for me to learn,” he recalled.

Adnan noted that he makes sure to attend all the photography events inside and outside Oman, as it is a “great” opportunity to show his work to the world and meet people who share the same passion with him, while exchanging experiences.

He added that he his working to open his own gallery, and share his passion with people here in Oman. He also might consider opening another gallery outside the country. “If you just got into photography, here is my advice for you. Don’t give up after the first bad comment you get. No one is expecting you to take professional photos at the beginning, and to improve your skills you could always join the Photography Society of Oman.”

The Photography Society of Oman was established on July 9, 2012 under the orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The Association is a member of the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP) and was selected as the centre for the other exhibitions in the Middle East on October 20, 2014. The members of the Association participate in international competitions, and exhibitions held by associations and clubs affiliated with the FIAP.

It organises weekly and periodic activities to sharpen the talents and raise the level of artistic taste for members and others who are interested, and follows up with technical developments in the field of photography, through lectures, art exhibitions, scientific trips, competitions and training courses.

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