Powering Oman's future: Energy conference churns out bright ideas
September 14, 2017 | 1:50 PM
by Times News Service
Photo supplied

Muscat: Nama Group concluded the Musharaka conference 2017, which was themed ‘Powering the Future”.

The last day of the conference presented results of the three day workshops held by emerging leaders group in Nama called ‘Rawad’, their mentors, Group CEOs and strategy and planning team.

Although project results on renewable energy were held as they needed more consideration from the teams, two groups presented results on Self Healing Smart Grid and One stop shop solution for Oman’s utility companies.

Musharaka conference is one of the most important annual platform that provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and discuss group strategies in developing competencies, enhance performance, and optimize spending efficiency to achieve future goals,” Eng. Omar Al Wahaibi, group CEO at Nama Group said.

The 2017 conference achieved the largest number of followers in different social media platforms in two days and more than 4,000 views worldwide. Around 15 per cent of these views came from outside Oman, according to Nama Group officials.

The first day of the conference witnessed a number of papers being presented by globally revered companies like CECI, Microsoft, GE and Wipro among others. The paper presentations were in webinar form and general public was able to view these.

At the concluding event, Nama Group also presented the Nama awards for best performance by Group Company in fields of customer service, health and safety and financial performance, the Nama Health and Safety award and the Nama Idea employee award.

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