Omani volunteers from Together We Build repair Wadi Kabir house
September 11, 2017 | 8:24 PM
by Staff Reporter
The team finished all repair work in a house in Wadi Kabir belonging to a limited income family. -Supplied photo

Muscat: Twenty-five Omanis from the ‘Together We Build’ volunteer team, gathered to repair an old house of six family members and their disabled father, in Wadi Kabir last week.

“Last week, the team finished all the reparation they were doing in a house located in Wadi Kabir of a limited income family; the house was in a really bad condition, and the owner couldn’t do anything about it because of his financial and medical situation,” said Anwar Al Mahrooqi, a member of the team.

He added that the repair work took them two days, included painting, furnishing and other finishing details for the two sitting rooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen.

Al Mahrooqi also added that this last project didn’t actually cost them as much as the previous 26 ones, the only problem they faced was not having a truck to deliver the furniture.

The ‘Together We Build’ volunteer team was established in 2014, helping families with limited incomes to enjoy living in houses that are restored to a good condition, the team also aims to spread the idea of social solidarity and field volunteer work, as well as encourage the youth to be more effective and a helpful part of the society.

Since 2014, the team has built nine new houses, repaired 27 and furnished 57 others. Anyone can apply to join the team through an online registration form provided on their social media platforms at both Twitter and Instagram.

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