Alizz Islamic Bank’s commercial finance products attracting businesses across Oman
September 11, 2017 | 5:16 PM
by Times News Service
Sharia-based Murabaha allows customers to buy equipment and goods and land at competitive prices, whereas Ijarah solutions help businessmen finance ready properties. - Supplied picture

Muscat: Alizz Islamic Bank’s commercial finance product has seen great interest from the public. The Sharia-compliant financing facility is extremely popular due to fast processing and product flexibility.

Alizz Islamic Bank continues to unveil a wide variety of Sharia-compliant commercial financing products for salaried individuals, further offering a number of benefits and special features designed to meet the expectations of its business clients.

Customers that avail the Alizz Islamic Bank commercial financing solutions have the advantage of purchasing different goods, including equipment, machinery, vehicles or even property through the Murabaha, Ijarah or Forward Ijarah options.

Sharia-based Murabaha allows customers to buy equipment and goods and land at competitive prices, whereas Ijarah solutions help businessmen finance ready properties, and Forward Ijarah helps them to finance the construction of facilities at competitive prices.

Under Murabaha, the bank will purchase the asset from a seller based on the customer’s request and sell it to the customer at cost plus the agreed profit rate, concluding the Murabaha sale contract. The most important feature of this product is that the customer will know the profit mark-up and instalments at the time of signing the deal. Another feature is that the Murabaha sale price remains unchanged throughout the term. Moreover, the easy procedures allow the customer to own the goods immediately.

Under Ijarah, the customer will be given the right to utilise or lease the property for a specific period while the bank remains the property owner. The bank will buy the property from the developer or seller and lease it out to the customer with a promise to sell it at the end of the lease term.

In Forward Ijarah, the property is acquired by Alizz Islamic Bank under an Istisna sale contract with a developer upon the customer’s promise to lease. Istisna refers to a kind of sale where a commodity or property transaction takes place before it comes into existence. This essentially means that a company is told to manufacture a specific commodity or build a property for the purchaser.

Once the construction process is completed, the property will be delivered to the customer based on rental conditions. At the end of the lease term (or upon maturity date) and once the obligations stated in the Forward Ijarah contract have been fulfilled, the bank will transfer the ownership of property to the customer at a nominal sale price on the basis of a separate sale contract.

The financing options come with a world of features and benefits. They are available to Omanis working in government or semi-government agencies, as well as those working in the private sector. The minimum salary is OMR500 for government and semi-government employees and OMR750 for those working in the private sector. The application procedure is easy and fast with simple documentation requirements.

The minimum age of applicants seeking financing should be 21 years and maximum 60. Murabaha-based financing options for equipment and vehicles are available from OMR5,000 to OMR100,000. Ijarah-based financing options start from OMR50,000 to maximum OMR700,000.

The term of Murabaha-based finance contracts is seven years while that of Ijarah is nine years (excluding the 12-month construction period). An applicant can get up to 80 per cent of finance for the cost of equipment, vehicles and property, and 100 per cent of the cost of commodities.

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