'I will cut him with a knife and burn him' ... what was said in THAT shocking radio interview
September 9, 2017 | 9:50 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: “Honestly, if I want to avenge, the first person I think I would retaliate against is my husband,” said an Omani women on a live radio show on September 6.

The 23 year old woman, called the radio station, after the host asked listeners their opinion on revenge.

“I will cut him with a knife and burn him. I will burn my husband and his car. Honestly, I do not trust anyone,” the woman added.

“The closest person to me is my husband,” she added. “Of course, I never trusted him. I trust myself a lot. I have a strong personality. I’m not afraid of anyone. I am afraid of God who created me. I’m not afraid of any human. I respect my mother and father,” she added.

Despite pleas by the radio jockey, who’d asked her to calm down, adding, “I seek refuge in God, what is happening to you?” the woman was unafraid of voicing her thoughts.

“By the way, it’s okay if I am imprisoned,” she revealed. “Even if they imprison me forever, or I am sentenced to death, it’s okay. The most important thing to me is that I am mentally relaxed. Even my children will get better, and they will continue living.”

“That is enough!” the radio jockey exclaimed. “You spoke and expressed your feelings; you do not need to use these words. Do not go and do anything that can ruin your life and the future of your children, because you are the one who is thinking this way.”

The Times of Oman was able to obtain a transcription of what transpired between the woman and the radio jockey, while on the air.

Later, the woman who made death threats to her husband was arrested, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) confirmed.

“A woman was arrested for threatening to kill her husband on a private radio station,” said a source at ROP. The suspect is being investigated on charges of attempted murder.

“Threatening to murder is a felony (charge), and the suspect has been referred to the Public Prosecution,” the source added.

Article 109 of Oman’s penal code states that attempted murder carries a sentence of 10 years

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