An Omani techie is Oman's most successful female photographer of 2016
August 22, 2017 | 9:37 PM
by Staff Reporter
Hind Al Hajri was declared the most awarded female photographer of 2016, with 16 awards in a single year.

Muscat: An Omani photographer, who was declared the most successful female photographer of 2016, has opened up about what art means to her and the stigma she is trying to overcome in the field of photography.

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Hind Al Hajri, a 22-year-old Civil Engineering student from the Caledonian College, was declared the most awarded female photographer of 2016, with 16 awards in a single year.

“These competitions are a test of the strength of the images and artistic sense of the photographer,” she said.

“Winning motivates me to keep learning and be creative; also having Oman’s name in these international competitions is very important, as it helps spread the message of this beautiful, peaceful land,” she added.

Al Hajri has found a way to incorporate her passion for art into her career. “I have always been attracted to art, ever since I was young I loved drawing, which is why I decided to study Civil Engineering,” she said.

“In 2009, I moved towards the camera. The technological aspect of the camera is what really attracted me to start taking photos, I found that I could get the same result from a camera that I would from drawing,” she added.

Over a period of three years, Al Hajri has won 40 national and international photographic awards, “I look for the artistic sense in everything I capture,” she said.

She improved her photography skills, firstly through the internet, and as a result of attending workshops and courses.

“My advice to upcoming photographers is not to give up and to take advantage of books, and the internet to learn and improve their skills,” she said.

According to a survey by the photographic society of Oman, there is a lack of Omani female photographers competing for such awards. Al Hajri also said: “Omani female photographers are close to nonexistent in competitions. Even if they do get involved in photography, it is never long term.”

“I think that having galleries and workshops for women, would in the future encourage women to not give up on photography,” she added.

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