OmanPride: ‘For You Adam’ founder talks about organisation’s charitable initiatives
August 22, 2017 | 7:09 PM
by Shruthi Nair
The role of women is also an important element of ‘For You Adam’.

“Deep down inside, we all want to feel that we contributed, added value, and had some kind of meaning and purpose in our lives. Giving to others helps us to feel that we’ve made that difference,” said Sultan Al Mahrouqi, founder of charitable organisation, ‘For You Adam.’ Established in August 2014, this organisation was set up with the aim of giving back to the nation by capitalising on the human resources of the Sultanate.

“The team idea is voluntary for public interest and the goal is to serve the state, which is complementary to the role of those, who preceded the service of the country,” Sultan explained. Members of ‘For You Adam’ recognise the drastically changing landscape of the world and thus came together to help others cope with the rapid development in various fields. “To support those responsible for fulfilling the requirements, and to improve religious, social, educational, cultural, tourism fields, and to promote the provision of services and promote the state to attract investment,” he said, explaining what the team members see as their duty. The role of women is also an important element of ‘For You Adam’.

“We are focused on the social services provided by women through the Omani Women’s Association, Women’s Guidance Teams, Women’s Volunteer Teams and any other work involving women.” He added, “The team seeks to support productive families and homemakers to achieve professional work.” The dedicated members of the group are segregated into specialised teams in order to avoid centralisation of work closely with government, private, and community institutions. “We communicate with various segments of society and find a true partnership between the community and the concerned parties,” he said. “By doing so, they promote the values of volunteering and make judicious use of the youth by involving them in their activities.”

‘For You Adam’ has taken up various projects over the past years, including helping those with special needs and providing them with what they need, providing school bags and food for underprivileged children, setting up service camps, preserving the environment, talent development, organising festivals and functions, and much more. They have been able to reach out to and help more than 40 people so far and are confident that the number is only going to grow increasingly. The one project that Sultan is personally proud of is ‘Oman city without obstacles.’

“The project is about redesigning, designing and equipping of new buildings and annexes to help the disabled. The project has won numerous awards at the local and regional levels,” Sultan revealed. And awards and acknowledgment, according to him are important in order to attract more volunteers and spread the culture of helping, caring, and sharing among the youth. “The best way to encourage others to do what you’re doing is through your achievements,” he noted.

In the future too, ‘For You Adam’ is going to take up as many projects as possible that help in the overall development of individuals, as well as the society in general. “Innovate modern methods of volunteering and carrying out service projects that go beyond the traditional work is our future plan,” Sultan concluded. [email protected]

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