Oman's Supreme Council of Planning reviews Tanfeedh progress
August 16, 2017 | 8:59 PM
by ONA
The meeting, chaired by Sultan bin Salim Al Habsi, SCP Secretary General was briefed on the latest developments on a number of proposed projects. Photo-ONA

Muscat: Work progress of the project classification initiative, was discussed at the 4th meeting of the Steering Committee for initiatives of the National Programme for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh) in the Secretariat General of Supreme Council for Planning (SCP).

The SCP also discussed the capacity building initiative of government institutions for the classification of projects and the initiative of establishing two governmental institutions for managing government projects that the SCP Secretariat General is responsible for following up their implementation according to the recommendations of the National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh) within the framework of developing project planning.

Representatives of the Technical Working Groups briefed the meeting, chaired by Sultan bin Salim Al Habsi, SCP Secretary General on the latest developments regarding a number of proposed projects for implementation in partnership with the private sector, in addition to the latest developments in the selection of government institutions and their trainee employers.

Based on the importance of sharing expertise and knowledge of national experiences in terms of project development, Oman Rail was hosted to provide an overview of its experience in implementing best international practices for the management and implementation of a number of government projects in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The main recommendations to serve implementation of establishing two governmental institutions to manage government projects were also discussed.

Sultan bin Salim Al Habsi stressed the importance of intensifying efforts at the level of initiatives during the remainder of this year and adhering to the schedule of work adopted at the beginning of the year as the upcoming period requires more focus towards achieving the goals and objectives of these initiatives.

He also affirmed the readiness of the Steering Committee to provide all appropriate support to technical teams to complete the work and achieve the desired results.

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