Oman family: Frustrated while flying? Here are 5 smart ways to keep your cool
August 16, 2017 | 8:01 PM
by Courtesy of Brandpoint
New technology is helping to make flight much more enjoyable than you’re probably used to.

There was a time decades ago when taking a flight was truly a privilege. People looked forward to comfy seats, cold drinks and friendly service. Today? Not so much. With the cramped seating and impossibly long security lines, flying is the unpleasant grunt work of travel — something you endure to make it to the better thing. But travel pros know the best ways to soothe their nerves in the face of even the most aggravating situations. Below are five big annoyances on commercial flights, and smart strategies to help you cool your jets and deal with each. As you can see, new technology is helping to make flight much more enjoyable than you’re probably used to.

Noisy passengers

Whether the toddler in row 15 is throwing a fit, or your neighbour continually wants to strike up a conversation, few things are more annoying on a flight than noisy passengers. This is where a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is worth the investment. While dampening the surrounding sounds, these will help you focus on your work, a movie or even sleep. Even better, they send a clear signal to the world that you’re not available for idle chit chat.

Seat kickers

Many parents have been on both sides of the “seat-kicking” issue. Of course no one wants to feel their chair kicked, but it’s harder to prevent than a lot of non-parents think. Little children move fast, and two-year-olds aren’t the best listeners. The key to staying calm is dealing with the situation early and politely. Turn around with a smile and ask the child’s parent if they could help their child to not bump the seat in front of them. You might even suggest putting a carry-on under their feet to rest their legs on. Finally, stay patient. The parents want a peaceful flight just as much as you do.

Flight delays

There’s no need to get worked up when you get the bad news that your flight will be late due to maintenance issues. Instead of getting frustrated, use the extra time to treat yourself. Grab one of those chair massages in the concourse. You’ll feel more relaxed, plus the muscle rub-down will send a message to your brain that everything is OK. Besides, you may not get many chances in the future to treat yourself because technology advances are starting to cut back on the length of these maintenance delays.

Terrible Wi-Fi service

Besides being charged a bundle just for internet access, passengers are often disappointed by what they get: Dropped service and the inability to use the Wi-Fi for things they really want, like streaming music and movies. Preparation is key to staying calm, so before the plane takes off, keep your device stocked with movies, albums and books. But one day soon, that won’t be necessary. Passengers can tap into home-quality Wi-Fi around the globe to stream their favourite TV show without annoying interruptions or being dropped. Having reliable inflight Wi-Fi is also great for entertaining kids throughout the entire flight.

Dry cabin air

It’s much easier to relax when you are comfortable, and the easiest place to start is with your airplane outfit. Wear moisture-wicking active wear to keep things breathable in a warm environment, but be sure to stash a fleece jacket in your carry-on so you can warm up if the temperature drops. But what if you sit next to a passenger with body odour or someone who brought bad-smelling food on the plane? Fortunately, fluctuating cabin temperatures and smells are on their way out.

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