OmanPride: Arabian Oryx attracts visitors to Oman
August 16, 2017 | 7:36 PM
by Gautam Viswanathan
The Arabian Oryx are really beautiful and amazing animals.

#ReadersResponse: Oman has many iconic symbols that are fondly remembered by residents and visitors alike, and few of them bring a fond smile to your face faster than the majestic Arabian Oryx, the national animal of the Sultanate. Syed Sajjad Hussain was quick to recall his memories of the noble creature.

“This is a beautiful animal and I still remember its movement over the road when we were constructing the road from Duqm to Haima,” he recalled. The oryx conservation camp was near Al Jazer village, on the same Duqm-Haima road. “I remember seeing a small roadside park in Haima town with a beautiful monument of an oryx in the park,” he added. “I am really missing all this now, and have many fond memories in this excellent sweet country with the kind and generous people of Oman. God bless this country and its warm, welcoming and hospitable people.

“This is a beautiful, heavenly animal,” added Shah Rukh. “I would travel all across Oman just to see this animal in the future.”

Many tourists who’d come from abroad to explore the untamed, rugged beauty of the Sultanate also had much to say about this rare beast, which is unfortunately facing extinction. On the flip side, though, many Middle Eastern governments are taking steps to reverse this trend.

“The Arabian Oryx is the last unicorn,” revealed Christine Spahn, a German tourist. “One simply must have to save it. Oman is such a wonderful country, though. I have been there twice before, having driven more than 7,000 kilometres across the country in my 4x4.”

Her compatriot from the Fatherland, Maïté Guittet, also had her say on the oryx. “I wish for peace for this beautiful animal,” she said. “Oman is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited. I wish the Omani people abundant joy and prosperity.

Hanne Gerhard Lindel, yet another German, was also quick to praise the noble animal. “The oryxes are such beautiful animals. My sincere thanks to the Government of Oman who take care of these animals.” The rare beauty of the oryx was a quality that was commented on by many.

“It’s a representative of the real beauty of Oman and we need to save this creature before it becomes extinct,” said Salah Din, while Alfred Jeeva also recalled where he’d spotted the Sultanate’s national animal. “It is really beautiful, and I recall seeing them on the road from Rima to Marmul,” he ventured, as Kunhiahammed Elathur added, “These oryxes in Oman are really beautiful and quite good looking,” a view that was unanimously shared by Lakshmi Nagarajan.

“I would love to see this animal if I get the chance,” added Irma Andriani, while Jocelyn Ragojos Cristobal said, “The Arabian Oryx is a really nice animal,” an opinion which Zhalmah Johnson was quick to agree to.

“They are really beautiful and amazing animals,” she opined. Mohammed Yunus, though, was able to sum up his take on the oryx in just one word: “wow”.

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