Treat yourself at the Six Senses Spa in Oman
August 16, 2017 | 6:43 PM
by Swati Dasgupta
Six Senses Spa

The thought of spending an hour or two in a quaint place amidst flickering candles, soothing music, and aroma is the ultimate luxury for me in my frenzied world. It must be the same for those who spend their whole week hopping from one chore to another and finally when the weekend mood sets in all they want is to sneak in some ‘me time’ to escape from the daily stresses of life. So on a sultry weekend afternoon I walked inside Six Senses Spa, the spa at Al Bustan Palace, as after a tiresome week all I wanted was to send my senses into full retreat, far away from reality.

While Al Bustan Palace is currently closed for renovation, the spa which is just five minutes’ walk from the hotel, reopened recently and can be your perfect weekend getaway to rubdown all the stress that you gathered throughout the week. It was no different for me.

At the reception as I filled the form furnishing my personal details , a must in every spa, I looked around the aesthetically done interiors. Serenity sets in as soon as you step inside the majestic entrance of the spa.

Six Senses Spa is one of those places where you get the forget-the-world-and-its-everything kind of feeling, a place to indulge all your senses.

Without much delay I was ushered towards the treatment room and after keeping my belongings in the locker I was all set for an hour long rejuvenation. ‘Leave your stress at the door please’, I could hear my inner voice telling me as I reclined on the bed for the treatment.

My treatment for the day was Six SensesSignature Massage. At Six Senses, the signature massages that are for about 50/80 minutes, are done according to one’s preferences and requirement.

While the deep tissue is oil-based massage to ease muscle tension where silicone cups are used to lift connective tissue and improve blood flow to sluggish skin and muscles, the other options are detox, energiser, or a soothing holistic massage. I opted for energiser massage that is specific for back and shoulder aches. To begin with, a hot towel was gently rubbed on my aching feet, and with soft music playing in the background, thoughts of work and other mundane concerns just melted away.

Later as my therapist gently massaged my scalp with her magical fingers I almost dozed off. Someone who forever complains of headaches felt a soothing relief with the right pressure on my forehead. The indulgence went up a notch when she eased my niggling backache and shoulder stiffness by her gentle massage by giving little extra pressure on those specific areas that needed attention. In an hour’s time I could feel the difference as my tired muscles felt relaxed and the pain was tamed too. Suffused with energy I stepped out of Six Senses Spa, fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

There are various other treatment options at the spa that is currently offering some attractive summer deals. These include special massages for couples, Thai yoga massage, body scrub, body wrap, and more. Pick up the one that suits you for the ultimate restorative experience. [email protected]

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