Young Pakistan Forum Oman launch on Independence Day
August 13, 2017 | 11:15 PM
by Times News Service
Khadijah Hamirani Photo - Supplied

Muscat: In celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day, the embassy is hosting their first round-table discussion revolving around the youth of the country with the launch of the Young Pakistan Forum Oman (YPFO) in Muscat.

The YPFO is a community-based and community-backed initiative to allow Pakistani and Omani youths and civil societies to meet.

The embassy believes such an environment can be a platform to hone an endless stream of talents and skills of both youths in Oman and those who were raised in Oman and have taken up higher studies across the world.

“It was thus to showcase their collective brilliance and translate them into leadership roles,” the Pakistani embassy said in a statement.

Events are being celebrated across the Sultanate to mark the 70th anniversary of Independence of Pakistan falling August 14, 2017. Celebrations began from Al Buraimi and Al Suwaiq on August 4 and7, in Salalah on August 9.

Forthcoming celebrations are planned for SQU on August 16 and Sohar on August 21.

Khadijah Hamirani is a young Pakistani girl who spent the summer interning at the Pakistani Embassy. She spent the summer helping put together the initiative and will be active in the forum tonight.

“It’s a really good idea. There’s a lot of drive in the embassy to make this happen. There isn’t a lot of support for the Pakistani youth in Oman, and this will help provide them a platform for networking as well as employment opportunities,” Hamirani said.

“I’m half Pakistani and wanted to be involved in such an initiative. Its important to do something for the Pakistani youth in Oman. We are here for the youth. We want to help them fulfill their potential and turn them into leaders,” she added.

Hamrani was born and raised in Oman but now lives in England. She has gained the utmost appreciation for her time spent in Oman under the guidance of the embassy.

“Having had the amazing opportunity to intern at the Pakistani Embassy in Muscat, I was given the chance to reinvigorate my Pakistani roots, and rediscover the beauty of Oman once again,” Hamrani said.

Times of Oman wishes all of our Pakistani readers a happy Independence Day.

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