15 best hair care tips and tricks
August 2, 2017 | 7:36 PM
by Antara Bose

Well, because those natural remedies don’t conjure instant Rapunzel locks and we totally understand that you have a schedule that can make Kendall Jenner feel like she’s not doing enough. But hair care and styling are still important, right? Simple modifications to things you already do (but probably just not do right) won’t add on to your minutes and might even save you from having to compromise your Schumacher skills while you multi-task your way to work. We’ve put together some great ‘in and out of shower’ hair tips, styling tricks, and things you really need to stop doing so that you aren’t frantically yanking off those tangled knots.

Swap hot with cold

While warm water is perfect for soaking, it really doesn’t do much good to your hair. If you really can’t do without a little steam escaping from the shower, turn the tap to cold at least when you are rinsing off your conditioner and just before you step out. The cold water will seal the hair follicles and prevent hair fall.

Manage bangs

Oily scalp making your bangs go flat and no time for another shower? Simply tie the rest of your hair back, dilute just a wee bit of shampoo in water and work the lather on only the front part of the scalp. Rinse and dab the excess water off, style and dry to restore that bounce.

Detangling in the shower

It’s a bad idea! Especially if you bring your comb along and aren’t using any products to assist you in the process. Hair strands are most fragile when wet and can break easily. The safer option is using oodles of conditioner and finger-detangling very gently. Hair-clogged drains (followed by wails) – avoided!

Ponytail lift

Why is it so hard to get a ponytail to just stay perky? Don’t let a loose, limp and low-hanging ponytail bring down your spirit. After tying a regular ponytail, turn the ponytail to bring it in front of your face and secure from beneath with a few sprayed bobby pins at a height from where you’d like your ponytail to fall. See, not all lifts are as complicated as a face lift.

Read the labels

When it comes to even junk food, we don’t hesitate to flip to the ‘Nutritional Information’ to see what and how much we are downing, then why make it different for hair products. What we put on our head is what our hair absorbs and reacts to, very much like our body. Watch out for the sulphate content as this, while thoroughly cleansing, can also strip hair off natural oils making them dry. Opt for shampoos that are enriched with conditioners, especially natural ones.

Comb before a bath

We bet our silky tresses you’ve been doing this the other way around. As much of a practice that it is to comb your hair after a shower, you’d be surprised with how less of tangles you really need to battle if you start with combing it before you head in for a bath. When interacting with water, hair strands tend to only entangle further if they’ve already started on the road to unruliness; and you really don’t want to get into the detangle spree then (refer to point 3)!

Braid and iron

Own a hair iron but can’t seem to ace even those simple waves? Worry not! Start with separating your locks evenly into smaller sections and braid tight. Bring out that flat iron and simply press on the braids. Not only does this make managing those locks easier, but is also a lot quicker and results in perfectly acquired beach waves.

Tame flyaways with a sprayed toothbrush

You can let your roommate gawk at you but nothing works better than a toothbrush sprayed with a little hairspray to tame frizzy hair. Though we may permit you to keep this brush in the washroom cabinet, please make sure you don’t get in the habit of interchanging your tooth-brushing-toothbrush with your hair-brushing-toothbrush. Honestly, that’s not even funny.

Change to a more luxurious bedspread

We’ll actually give you a reason apart from luxury to swap your cotton bed linen to something fancier. If not the entire set, swap your cotton pillow cases with vegan-made satin sheets (‘vegan’ because it’s a cheaper alternative and won’t make you feel like you’re lying on poor silkworms). The softness of the texture reduces the friction that would otherwise result from harsher fabrics, therefore smoothening frizzy hair and minimising static.

Do a double ponytail

Forget extensions and teased hair; to make hair look longer and more voluminous, tie two ponytails – one higher up and one slightly lower. The one below will be concealed by the one above and will make it look like you have longer, fuller locks. This trick works great for people with mid-length, slightly curly hair.

Keep a serum-spray in hand

If you need to soothe dry hair, opt for some leave-in serum and instead of rubbing it in, simply spritz. Start from the middle of your length, and work downwards. Spraying will ensure you don’t accidentally get too much in one spot and won’t leave your hands feeling grimy.

Bedtime braids = Morning waves

Don’t waste your precious morning hours with those curlers. If you have taken a shower before bedtime, braid loosely and let the night style your hair while you rest in sweet slumber. In the morning, just undo the braids, scrunch your hair with your fingers and spray on some holding spray to make your natural waves last longer. Alternatively, if you’ve skipped the shower, braid your hair real tight with ribbons and repeat the same procedure in the morning. Make sure not to comb your hair too harsh, especially if you have sleek, straight hair naturally.

Invest in a good haircut

It might take a few hours from your busy schedule but it’s truly worth the time. Getting a haircut that doesn’t need to be styled after every shower and (the best one) can be air-dried to its glorious self, is exactly what the busy woman of today needs. If your hair is thin, opting for cuts like layers or feathers can even give the illusion of more volume.

Accessorise instead of style

Bored of the same hairdo but lack styling skills? Bring in the accessories. Not only does it save your hair from the damaging effects of curlers, it’s way quicker too. Add some swanky, fun-shaped bobby pins or style with a bandana or head band on days when your hair isn’t feeling in the best of its bouncy spirit.


Sometimes all your hair needs is a little supplement boost. Ask your doctor to prescribe you some vitamin tablets that will aid hair growth. Clearly, the shortcut; because who has the time to analyse their diet, go grocery shopping and cook some healthy vegetables, right? [email protected]

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