Social media influencer: Kuwaiti director and blogger Abdulaziz Al Khamis
August 2, 2017 | 7:07 PM
by Salim Al Afifi

Meet Abdulaziz Al Khamis, a Kuwaiti director and fashion blogger who’s been fashion blogging since 2004, and has been living in Kuwait and London.

Where did Wickedz come from?

It was a nickname given by my school mates during my growing up years since I use the word ‘wicked’ a lot. The Z at the end comes from my short name: Aziz. It has remained with me since then and hence it became my brand.

What inspired you to become a director?

A lot of what I wanted to do in life became clear to me from when I was a child. I was always into fashion and I’ve always loved movies and cameras. I’m also a very visual person and a big part of my passion is bringing my ideas to life and sharing them with people.

Tell us about some of your favourite projects that you did?

I’ve done a lot of big projects, but the most that I have enjoyed were on the fashion front. My favourite collaborations would have to be BVLGARI in 2014 and more recently, Ray-ban.

You seem like a fashionable guy. How did you get into fashion blogging and style?

I’ve always wanted to find new ways to express myself and my style. So at the early days of blogging, I decided to talk about fashion behind the screen. Additionally, I have taken a diploma in fashion history to further feed my curiosity about fashion.

What is your go-to style?

I simply throw on a denim jacket on top of an all-black outfit for an everyday look.

I would say you are a shoes person, what’s your favourite brand and why?

I wouldn’t say I favour one brand over another as I mostly look at the style and build of any shoe that I wear. But you’ll notice on my feed that most of my kicks are Adidas Originals, for their strictly lifestyle aesthetic.

Let’s talk about social media. You are without a doubt a style influencer. Do you sometimes feel responsible and in pressure to post to your audience?

No, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve been doing it for so long, It is now part of my lifestyle, just like one would brush their teeth every day.

How would you describe your audience and fans?

They are the most supportive follower base. I appreciate everything they do for me. And I don’t take for granted that they consider me an influence to them.

What’s a day in the life of Abdulaziz looks like?

Every day is different in its own way, but there are some constants: Back to back meetings, catching up on e-mails, photoshoots, and lots of other things. It never gets boring.

What are your favourite fashion brands that you rock?

My all-time favourite is Alexander Mcqueen. Other than that, I’m big on finding upcoming designers and supporting them in every country I travel to.

Which one matters the most? The brand you wear or the style?

Definitely the style, it reflects your story as a person and your individuality.

What are your future plans? Where can we see Abdulaziz in a few years?

I’d like to start my own collection, that’s the next step for me. I’m really excited for that chapter of my life. —[email protected]

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