OmanPride: Rufaqa volunteer team in Sharqiyah helps orphans
July 17, 2017 | 6:41 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Ibrahim's volunteer group, Rufaqa focuses on the needs of orphans.

Taking care of orphans is a great responsibility that comes with a rewarding feeling, be it from His Almighty or the society. This feeling is what made Ibrahim Said Al Shabibi start a new journey of ensuring that orphans in his part of town are leading a normal, wonderful life. In 2014, Ibrahim launched his volunteer group under the name of Rufaqa (which translates to companions), focused on covering the needs of orphans, who are considered among the disadvantaged in the Governorate of Al Sharqiyah. As of today, the team has 40 members aged between 20 and 40 years old, and has more than 250 orphans under its care.

Ibrahim said giving back to society aids in building a long-lasting relationship with the community, and that there are many young men and women, who love to contribute to their society, but they need someone to guide them and help them reach their goal as volunteers. Some of the services that Al Shabibi and his team offer include monthly allowances, school supplies, and rations for every orphan on their list. “Our culture and society loves and appreciates these kinds of humane contributions,” said Ibrahim.

The team’s work does not stop at distributing funds; they take care of families that have taken orphans under their wings, or families that have orphans by helping them develop crafts, small businesses, and generate other forms of income to support them on their journey of having a better future. Another noteworthy initiative in this project is enrolling orphans in kindergarten, pre-schools, and private schools.

The team makes its contribution by paying the education expenses.

The project started in 2015, with the successful enrolment of six students in private schools. The Rufaqa team is now working on expanding their services by introducing new projects that would transform the lives of those in need to a better one.

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