All you need to know about different cake fillings
July 10, 2017 | 7:33 PM
by Courtesy of Artipot
One should never refrigerate the cake that has custard filling as the filling can separate.

People who are into full-time baking do know that frosting like the buttercream will hold up good if exposed to heat. If you are making a cake using such a fondant, then do you think you can leave it out in heat? You might as well not take that risk. Similarly, chocolate ganache too melts if exposed to heat for a long time. This can get even worse when it is a stacked cake as it would all tumble down in no time.

When you are using fillings and fondant, it is important to plan in advance. If you are a professional baker, educate your clients about the kinds of fillings that can be used for various events. One can make fillings at home from scratch or can also be bought from a store. You can use various cake making supplies if you wish to make your own fillings but make sure to keep them refrigerated as they are perishable. Also, never try out the recipes for any new filling just one night before any event.

The Refrigerated Fillings

If you are making a cake for the event that would be held indoors, one can use a filling that is well refrigerated. One can choose fillings like custards, whipped cream, mousse kinds or cream cheese fillings for such indoor venues. You also need to make sure that the cake is kept refrigerated until the time it is served. The refrigerated fillings make the cakes even more delicious, but there are times when these also turn out to be a disaster. For example, the butter cakes do not taste good when they are served after being taken out from the refrigerator. If the recipes go wrong, the cake can even get dry. Also, cakes that use gum paste or decorations made from royal icing get ruined when they are refrigerated.

The Non-Refrigerated Fillings

The fillings that are got from the store are ideal to be used even at room temperature. The same also applies to the ganache or the jellies. Whenever you are planning to use the fillings from the sleeves, you need to create a thick layer of frosting around the cake’s edge. This will prevent the filling from oozing out once it settles down. You can use various kinds of cake decorating tools in India to purchase the tools needed for decorating your cake. If you haven’t tried the store bought fillings before, it is always good not to use these fillings just a day before the event. If things go wrong, it can indeed be a disaster. To freeze or not to freeze a cake with a filling depends entirely on the cake recipe and the filling you are using.

One should never refrigerate the cake that has custard filling as the filling can separate. At the same time, any cakes with whipped cream can be frozen but it again depends on the kind of whipping cream that one is using. One can check for the instruction on the container for more information. Always plan when you are using fillings in your cakes. Just enjoy using the best cake fillings in your cake to take them to the next level, but do remember to remain safe.

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