Oman technology: All about Houzz
June 18, 2017 | 8:34 PM
by Ashish Dubash
Houzz is an app that presents several interior design ideas for you to redesign your house.

What Is It:

Houzz is an app that presents several interior design ideas to you on per room basis. Especially helpful when you’re trying to do up a house and are out of ideas.

Why Download now:

Houzz is everything to do with home interior design. You can use it to get ideas to redesign your home, connect to a community of professional and amateur designers and even get approximate costs.

If nothing else Houzz presents you with a ton of photographs of various rooms of the house. Each of these can be browsed by different categories like Ethnic, contemporary, modern, eclectic, Mediterranean, and so on. This allows you to narrow down the images you see to suit your personal style. Each room in your house can be designed by simply browsing through its huge collection of images.

If you don’t have an interior designer or you want to present ideas to your designer or even if you’re a designer yourself looking for fresh inspiration, Houzz is a one stop “Idea bank” sure to kick start your creative juices. You can browse entire rooms like kitchen, bedroom, living room. You can browse by style as mentioned earlier. You can even browse by specific room furniture (sofas, chairs, bookcases, tables). The list goes on and on and is definitely worth checking out for anyone who’s dreaming of converting a house into a home.

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Available on: Android, iOS

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