Five signs that indicate the need for an eye exam
June 17, 2017 | 8:24 PM
by Courtesy of Artipot
While headaches may be caused for multiple reasons, changes in vision can be one of the strongest reasons behind it.

Eye examinations are more than vision tests. Eye doctors can detect several health problems through a comprehensive eye and vision test. Read on to find out some common health signs that may indicate the need for immediate eye care.

Recurring headaches

Headaches are one of the first signs of vision problems. Patients with recurring headaches must opt for an eye checkup to avoid any severe vision troubles in later stages. While headaches may be caused for multiple reasons, changes in vision can be one of the strongest reasons behind it.

Tendency to squint your eyes

Squinting is the involuntary action that occurs when there is a problem with seeing objects in front of us. When we squint, the amount of light entering the eyes reduces and there is lowered light scattering. As a result, the vision improves. Eye doctors suggest immediate medical attention when squinting is observed in adults as well as children. Squinting the eyes could be one of the first signs for the need of eye glasses.

Frequent eye pain and eye fatigue

Irritation, pain or tiredness in the eyes can be due to various reasons such as cold, long working hours, lack of sleep and so on. However, if the problem is recurring, then it is good idea to consult an eye doctor without delay. The pain and discomfort can be due to an infection in the eyes or something more complex. In any case, eye fatigue and pain is a clear indication of impending changes in vision.

Increased and sudden sensitivity

If you experience sudden sensitivity to light then you certainly need medical attention. Increased light sensitivity can be a symptom of many eye-related disorders and infections and it is best treated in the earliest stages.

Blurring vision

If you find yourself distancing an object from your eyes for a better vision and moving closer towards the computer screen to see things more clearly, then there is some problem with your vision. These symptoms may be a sign of vision degradation and must be attended to immediately. Apart from these obvious signs, individuals who have not had an eye checkup in the last two years are highly recommended to visit an optometrist. A regular visit to the eye clinic ensures that the eye as well as overall health issues is dissolved at the earliest stage.

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