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May 17, 2017 | 7:51 PM
by Hi Editors

Whether it’s about the pleasures of dining under the stars while watching the shimmering lights of the city, or gazing at thousands of cars meandering on the roads; there is always something special about rooftop restaurants. For us though it was just an escape from the regular humdrum as we walked inside the plush settings of Clouds at the Cave Complex one bright afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised to find a place where we could not only have a bird’s eye view of the city but also have some mouth-watering Lebanese delicacies in a cool setting on a hot summer day. And while the food took time to reach the table, we made the most of our visit by capturing the breathtaking beauty of Muscat from the rooftop. A feast for your eyes and for your tastebuds too.

Fruit Punch

Some drinks are enjoyed in all seasons and the refreshing fruit punch, a combination of orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon juice, peach juice, and grenadine syrup, served at Clouds is one such drink. It is blended to silky smoothness and is a perfect sip to escape from the midday heat. OMR 3.500

Welcome treat

While you wait for your starters and the main course, treat yourself to an assorted plate of biscuits served with freshly made olive paste. A complimentary start to a great meal, the flavours of olive paste will freshen your palates, so that you can relish the starters and the main course to follow.

Mezze offerings

The Lebanese sojourn at Clouds started with myriad colours and taste. We started with the regular hummus, mashed chickpeas in tahina sauce drizzled with olive oil, done exactly the way it is normally served. Along with that we were served Eggplant Mutabal that is smoked eggplant with tahini. Muhammara, the Middle Eastern red pepper and walnut dish topped with sliced walnuts, rusk, and olive oil was the classic Levantine dip that stood out from the rest. Kashka, made with labneh, onion, cracked wheat, mint, walnut, and olive oil though was new for our tastebuds but we relished it with Fattoush, a mixture of tomatoes, sweet pepper, cucumber, onion, mint, radish, pomegranate, and crispy pita bread dressed with olive oil, and lemon dressing. Amidst the many starters the one that was eye-catching was the beetroot hummus. OMR 2 onwards

Hot counter

We started with Flaming Garlic Potato that is roasted potatoes with fresh coriander, garlic and chilli followed by Ocean Calamari Pomegranate. They are fried calamari with pomegranate sauce. Falafel was served with vegetables, chilli pickles, tahina sauce, and pita bread. Spring chicken wings marinated with garlic and herbs and lamb kufta arayes toasted in Arabian bread with pomegranate molasses were a great mix of flavours. OMR 2.5 onwards

Authentic Flavours

After we tickled our stomach with appetising starters, we dived into the mains with our full on carnivore-mode, savouring Levant favourites and their just-grilled smoky aroma. We had Shish Taouk, a beloved dish full of marinated chicken cubes, grilled perfectly on the outside while retaining moist on the inside. The dish was an absolute joy to eat, and since we dip almost everything in hummus, this was by far our favourite combination. OMR 5.000

The second main we had was the mother of all dishes, the Mix Grill. This popular dish may seem common on restaurant menus, but the taste varies drastically, and at Clouds, it was to die for. The plate had skewers of Shish Taouk, chunks of juicy beef, moist and delicious kebabs, served with garlic sauce and fries. This was out of the world, and the portion size was filling. OMR 7.000

Sweet Notes

Warm Chocolate Fondant

If you can’t resist chocolate, then may God bless you while you have this dream of a dessert. When the warm chocolate oozes out of a spongy chocolate cake to beautifully amalgamate with the cold vanilla ice cream, you get transported to the wonderland of tastebuds, making it the best way to end your meal. OMR 3.500


If ever you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between coffee to keep you awake and going after a heavy meal or a dessert to end your meal on a sweet note, then Tiramisu is the solution. Enjoy this multi-layered coffee-flavoured Italian dessert over some chats and laughters after the irresistible lunch that you couldn’t say no to. OMR 3.200

Clouds, Cave Complex, Darsait Heights

Open from 12pm to 1am

Call: +968 2465 1099, +968 9067 8862

[email protected]

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