OmanPride: Ali Al Farai using YouTube to share knowledge of Islam
May 13, 2017 | 8:04 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Al Farai uses YouTube to share his knowledge of Islam and help clear misconceptions about the religion.

While YouTube has multiple uses, Ali Al Farai had made sure that he uses it for the welfare of the community. Al Farai uses it to share his knowledge of Islam and help clear misconceptions about the religion and its culture in the Sultanate via his channel “Ummati Station.”

Targeting English speakers, Al Farai started his visual blog, which is aimed at educating those who are not aware of the religion, or those who are eager to learn more about the religion.

The motivational speaker is a creative mind, whose talents lie in organisational learning and development, as well as media design and production. His journey started when he found inspiration in fellow YouTubers, who enjoyed sharing their experience, knowledge, and talking about their daily hassles. Al Farai made a note of these visual bloggers and decided to start a channel of his own, as he felt the need to share a beautiful message about his religion and culture.

“I’ve got speaking skills and I have a message to deliver to people; then why not using the technology to deliver such messages to a greater number of people” explained Al Farai.

What triggered his eagerness to start the project was his faith in leaving nothing, but great deeds in this world, as his messages and visual narrations could still be available even after he is long gone. After taking the decision to share his message, Ummati Station was born. The station was founded in May 2011 as a one-stop channel for those seeking to understand Islamic religion better. The channel also has short films that urge people to do useful and meaningful things in life, especially youngsters.

What sets his channel apart from others are the humorous bits that he throws into his videos “I’m a humorist and I have a strong belief in delivering the message in an entertaining way,” said Al Farai. His channel is a great example of an edutainment station, helpful yet amusing.

Al Farai enjoys doing voluntary work whenever possible, as well as being part of a good cause.

Today, the YouTuber has become Oman’s Public Speaking Champion and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Finalist 2015 through the Toastmasters International speech contest. He is currently working on more educational short films and presentations, as well as continuing his journey as a motivational speaker, and hopes to have his own television show that would inspire and motivate people in life.

“What kind of life is it if you only focus on your own shelter? Why not spread the wings and help as many people as we can. Wasn’t that what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent the rest of his life doing?” asked Al Farai.

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