Oman dining: Eat authentic Japanese food at The Oak
May 10, 2017 | 6:38 PM
by Hi Editors
The Oak restaurant at The Cave in Darsait

If you are in a mood to experience some authentic Japanese cuisine, a visit to The Oak in The Cave Complex is the perfect place to have all the flavours and fragrances of Japan. From the comforting and hearty miso soup and the deep fried calamari rings served with a bowl of soy-based dipping sauce to the popular sushis, tempura, and teppanyaki, the charms of Japanese food lies in enjoying the flavours of each and every ingredient in a dish.


Crispy Calamari

You must have had this dish several times before in different restaurants but the one served at The Oak is succulent to the core. Squid cut in thin rings and coated with a very light batter and deep fried, the secret to crispy calamari lies in the coating. Crunchy and fresh with flavours this is served with Japanese spicy mayo. OMR 6.2

Shrimp Tempura

Tempura is a Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. We tried the most popular shrimp tempura. Served with spicy mayo it is a real melt in the mouth. OMR 6.9


Miso Soup

This is a traditional Japanese soup made with miso paste, enoki mushroom, tofu, and scallion. Flavourful, light, and nutritious, people in Japan usually start their meal sipping a bowl of hot miso soup. OMR 4.5

The Oak restaurant at The Cave in Darsait

Main Course

The Oak Chicken Cashewnut

Sliced chicken tossed with oyster, Thai chilli paste, and cashewnuts is an absolute cracker of a dish as the soft crunch of cashews pairs perfectly well with the tender chicken pieces tossed well in the sauces. OMR 10.9

Teppanyaki Prawns

You can never go wrong with prawns, especially in a Japanese restaurant. This time we had some iron-grilled prawns, perfectly cooked in Asian sauce. The dish was an absolute treat. Smoky flavours, sweet-sour tangs, and springy prawns, it was, without a doubt, a meal to remember. Big, fat thumbs up for this goodness. Enjoy it with Teppanyaki fried rice. OMR 9.9

Sushi Rolls

Crispy Spicy Avocado Roll

You need to master the art of using chopsticks before sinking your teeth into a sushi roll. Also it is essential to know the right amount of wasabi and sauces that is needed to go with the sushi. Don’t go overboard and leave your tongue burnt or just too numb to function. The crispy sushis were perfect and we dipped it neatly in the sesame sauce before putting it in our mouths. We had the crispy spicy avocado where the crispy outer layer bites into the soft rice and smooth avocado and when mixed with the juicy sauce tastes out of the world. OMR 7.500

Red Dragon

Don’t go by the name Red Dragon. It wouldn’t blow fire from your mouth. Stuffed with shrimp tempura, sliced eel, and avocado, this sushi is rich in flavours, fresh, and healthy too. OMR 11.900

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The Oak

Cave Complex, Darsait Heights

Open from 11:30am-4pm and 6pm-midnight

Call: +968 9933 6078

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