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May 3, 2017 | 8:10 PM
Bahubali 2

Fyre Festival Disaster

Absolute failure is what this luxury music festival that was selling tickets for $1000 to $12000 was. The "once-in-a-lifetime" event was so ill organised that they are now being sued for a whopping $100 million. After all the hype and adevrtisement, all the attendees found were wooden stalls, portable toilets and a chaotic mess. People took to social media to vent out their anger and exasperation and it didnt take much time for this disadter to spread like wild fire.

Bahubalu 2

This much awaited multi-million dollar sequel of the blockbuster movie Bahubali has made all its fans in India as well as abroad very very happy. In just 5 days, the movie grossed more that 40 million OMR worldwide, making the producers of the film also very, very happy. This is the third Indian film to enter the 700 crore club.

Bahubali 2

Met Gala 2017

This extravagant event held to raise money for a costume institute had some top names from tinseltown flaunting their crazy costumes. The event that happens on the first Monday of May every year is considered the most important fashion party not just because it is fundraiser but also because it is the Party of the Year and never fails to fulfill that promise.


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