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April 27, 2017 | 1:27 PM
Starbucks unicorn frappuchino Credit: Starbucks

Another airline PR disaster

Starbucks unicorn frappuchinoCredit: Starbucks

After United Airlines being in the news for all the wrong reasons in past few weeks, American Airlines was in the news for mistreating a mother. A video that went viral showed a mother holding her toddler crying after a flight attenndant violently pulls a stroller from, allegedly hitting her in the face. A co-passenger then confronts an airline employee and there seems to be a heated discussion between the two. Although the main incident wasn't taped, the aftermath where the woman can be seen sobbing and the male passenger confronting the airline employee was recorded and has gone viral. Well, doesn't seem like it is a good time for airlines.

Unicorn frappuccino

Starbucks unicorn frappuchinoCredit: Starbucks

What’s all this buzz about Starbucks’ unicorn Frappuccino? The bright purple, blue-hued sugary drink did manage to grab eyeballs and became a food specatacle that not many active on social media could ignore. It comes across as a 'stunt' drink, made predominatly to create a buzz of the product and the company, which has clearly got its message about not just offereing coffee-based drinks, to customers across the globe. Oh! And looks like they are on a spree to give not just unicorns but also other mythical creatures its own frappuccino. Guys, dragon frappuccinos are being introduced.

Iceberg in Canada

Starbucks unicorn frappuchinoCredit: Starbucks

Tourists flock to the Canadian town of Ferryland to watch the gigantic iceberg that has grounded just off the shore. Known as the iceberg alley, the place is definitely living up to it name, with the presence of these huge ice bergs. And when I say huge, I'm talking 151-240 feet high and 401 and 670 feet long. Let's just hope that no ship misses this. The world is not ready for another Titanic.

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