Oman dining: New seafood restaurant in Muttrah
April 26, 2017 | 5:24 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Char-grilled prawns at Fish and Seafood Grill in Muttrah

When you wake up with a sudden craving for a plate of crabs, fish, prawns, clams, and other oceanic delights where do you go to get your seafood fix in Muscat? Being a city by the sea and having many seafood-speciality restaurants, the choices are galore here. But if you want to have a hearty seafood lunch with all the freshness of the sea seeped in its every bite you would surely avoid the plush restaurants and look for a place that serves authentic fish delicacies in all its simplicity.

We explored a bit and stumbled upon this new hidden gem in Muttrah that can give any specialty restaurant a run for its money, that is located opposite Port Services Corporation, nearby Bank Muscat Jibroo. As you walk inside Fish and Seafood Grill restaurant, the smell of fresh fish on the grill permeates in the air.

Owned by Dennis G. Del Rio, a former business development manager for McDonald’s who’s been in Oman for more than 20 years, the restaurant is his dream come true. Dennis had developed a passion for seafood and decided it was time to bring his love of the ocean to life and that’s when he started this restaurant.

At Fish and Seafood Grill, they serve a variety of fresh-out-of-the-water fish, prawns, crab, and squid. As we reached the place, I instantly felt a cosy vibe. The sports muddy exterior palette with a dark brown interior, few tables and chairs as well as an open window where you can peek at the chef working his magic on the grills, this cafeteria style eatery has everything that makes you feel at home.

As we entered the place, we were welcomed in by the friendly staff who guided us on what to order. We opted for emperor fish, prawns, and squid. But if you are wondering how can a simple seafood joint be this good then here’s the secret.

It is in their special in-house spices that have Moroccan influences among others. As we savoured the dishes, I truly enjoyed the mild taste that the food had, although you can ask for a spicier version if you have a palate for it. The charcoal-grilled fish was delicious, and the grilling added a smoky aroma to the fish. Soon we dived into the prawns, which were slightly crunchy from the outside, and tender inside with a bit of oceanic taste, which elevated its taste to another level of prawn-goodness. Most importantly, the prawns were perfectly cleaned. As for the final dish, came the grilled squid cut into miniature bite size pieces. The smoky taste was there, blinded with their aromatic spices, except that the squid was a bit springy. Overall, the food was absolutely delicious. We had our seafood with their in-house hummus and mutabel, freshly baked flat breads, and platters of salads.

The restaurant caters and delivers to offices and parties, and you can also bring your fish for them to add their secret ingredients, and let them char-grill it for you. Note that the breads are free of charge if you order mains from the restaurant.

Though the portions were huge my friend and I finished everything on our plates, and I was sure that in future this new place would be my seafood fix whenever I crave for it. And when it comes to the price, it’s the best. — [email protected]

Fish and Seafood Grill

Muttrah, Muscat

+968 9429 7923

What to Order:

Fish of your choice: OMR 4.5 per kilo

Prawn or squid: OMR 4.5 per plate

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