Oman dining: Enjoy Indian delicacies at Maurya’s restaurant
April 19, 2017 | 3:39 PM
by Swati Dasgupta
Thali at Maurya's. Photo by Salim Al Afifi

Indian cuisine, what’s new? That would be the obvious first reaction from anyone who has grown up amidst the aromas and flavours of India if asked to try a new restaurant with Indian flavours. Having been part of the country’s culinary culture despite the varied demographic and ethnic diversity, my reaction was something similar. From the use of spices to the right blend of ingredients, food from the North, South, East, and West India has always been an integral part of my life. But for those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine and having a noticeable love for food in general, the robust delight of Indian cuisine is always welcome.

And so as we were heading towards the newly opened café cum restaurant, Maurya’s, that serves a whole array of Indian food, our discussion revolved around creamy curries, golden fries, royal kababs, and most importantly, on why we all love Indian food.

Once at the restaurant, we started with the non veg kabab platter that had the usual mix of fish, prawns, chicken, and mutton kababs. Done to perfection these kababs flood your palate with freshness.

Coming to the main course while choices were galore we wanted to go beyond the familiar favourites of chicken tikka masala, mutton rogan josh, koftas, and naans.

Giving in to the thrills of thali food, we opted for Maharaja thali that was befitting a king.

Fried mutton at Maurya's. Photo by Salim Al Afifi

Thali or a plate is actually a traditional concept of having a complete Indian meal where variety of dishes are served in a huge platter. In short a perfect way to sample a combination of many flavours, in the most functional way.

Over the years this traditional way of eating Indian food has stepped out of the precincts of Indian homes and is now very much a part of restaurant eating. Talk of thali and we had the archetypical imagery in mind — a shining big silvery platter with little bowls and a wide array of food. But to our surprise when the royal platter appeared it was quite a surprise.

The gourmet preparations were meticulously arranged on a platter but not on a silvery steel plate as we had expected. Instead they were neatly placed on a beautifully designed bronze plate that caught our attention for its unique shape, good portion size of the food, and to have curries from both North and South India.

While you have an option of choosing vegetarian or a non vegetarian thali, either way there is quite a bit of choices. A typical non vegetarian Maharaja thali has two non vegetarian curries, two vegetarian curries with non vegetarian kebabs along with rice, choice of bread, and other accompaniments. The galouti kebabs as starters were perfect melt in mouth.

From breakfast and lunch to dinner and other in-between specialities, at Maurya’s there is almost everything that can titillate your Indian palate. Be it the North India’s chole batura or South India’s ubiquitous dosas and idlis, to the shahi kababs and the curries bursting with freshness of the masalas, at Maurya’s there are many dishes to explore. [email protected]


18th November Street

+968 2449 1694

Non Veg Kabab Platter OMR 5.9

Maharaja Non Veg Thali OMR 4.8

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