OmanPride: Imad Hasan, giving back through photography
April 15, 2017 | 8:37 PM
by Salim Afifi
Imad Hasan is considered a true role model for aspiring photographers in town.

Taking memorable photographs is one of the many rewarding professions out there, especially if you are working in an environment where you are literally surrounded by beautiful people. Meet Imad Hasan, a digital artist and photographer, who has a unique eye for beauty, is making it big on the commercial side of the business.

Imad Hasan, a digital artist and photographer

Imad is a 30-year-old photographer, who’s known for his signature skin retouching that is evident in his work that graces billboards around town. He was born and raised in Muscat, and graduated from Majan College.

Imad has always been an advocate for passing knowledge; he has held a number of workshops, where he taught photography and retouching techniques to aspiring photographers and digital artists, as he firmly believes in helping out those who are passionate about the craft in a way that will truly benefit them. “I used to suffer when I went to attend workshops, as some of them tended to hide a few techniques from you, and I hated that,” said Imad.

Imad Hasan is considered a true role model for aspiring photographers in town.

He added, “I’m the other way around, I love to share my knowledge, as much as possible.” Imad still conducts one-on-one sessions for those interested in the craft. At an early age, Imad realised that his true passion lay in the world of art, as he’d eagerly anticipate art sessions at his school just to be in that environment. He started his artistic journey as a caricature drawer in middle school, where he experimented with cartoon-inspired sketches that he used to express his love for art.

In the mid-2000s, he developed a passion for digital and visual art, and photo manipulation and digital alterations became a part of his inspiration. Imad began experimenting, watching videos and becoming more knowledgeable about digital art. He dived into Photoshop and learned how to retouch photos at an international standard, as well as create graphic designs.

Imad Hasan is considered a true role model for aspiring photographers in town.

As he mastered visual art, he felt that he needed more, as his hunger for art became even bigger, so he invested in photography gear, which opened doors to a whole new world for him. As he crafted his skills in graphic design and photography, he decided to start his own business. Imad’s first entrepreneurial journey took place when he was 20 years old, working on a freelance basis, and then in 2007, he established a bigger company named “Pixels Studio,” which was a venture he started with fellow photography friends, who added videography to their palette of services. A few years later, Imad started his second company, which is a creative agency that handles advertising, branding, and events.

What sets Imad apart is his desire to produce nothing but the best; he’s an ambitious spirit with a business drive that seeks perfection. “I take my time with my work, as I’m very detailed that way,” he explained, adding that “I believe that there’s always room for improvement in a photograph, I keep editing till I’m convinced.”

Today, Imad has done a lot of commercial work in the Sultanate with a variety of brands, such as Ooredoo, Oman Avenues Mall, and Al Omran, as well as international publication HUF Magazine, in hopes of soaring higher into the world of commercial photography around the world. He is considered a true role model for aspiring photographers in town who wish to master fashion and commercial photography.

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