Oman car care: Keep your car sparkling clean
March 12, 2017 | 7:52 PM
by Shruthi Nair
Clean your car with a soft sponge or any non-abrasive cloth.

I make it a point to wash my car at least once every week, or maybe more in the not-so-rare case of a bird deciding to use my car as a toilet or when I absent-mindedly drive over a puddle.

While for many washing their cars is more of a therapeutic act than a need, what’s important is to know that if you are on the roads you should make sure you sport a shining car instead of one with layers of dust, mud, and like in my case, bird droppings.

Car care experts say that frequent washing is the best way to maintain the finish and the shine. But if you have taken the onus of doing it all by yourself instead of going to the petrol stations where they have a separate area for car wash then make sure you keep these few dos and don’ts in mind.

First of all it is important to know when your car needs a wash. If you wait for the dirt and dust to accumulate then they tend to settle down on the surface of your car and eventually affect the paint. While weekly car wash is ideal, remember to remove the bird droppings or chemical spills immediately before you do the final wash. Bird dropping, pollution, or dead bugs if left for too long on your car will end up hogging up all the paint from it, making its colour chip or fade in due course.

When it comes to what kind of products you should avoid using household products like hand soap, glass cleaner or dish-washing detergent liquids. Since they are made for some other purpose the chemicals present in these liquids might destroy the protective wax on the paint.

Instead use a mild car-wash product and clean your car with a soft sponge or any non-abrasive cloth. Also, use your sponge length-wise and not in circles to avoid swirl marks.

While you can wash your car any time of the day it is important to remember that it is not good to do the washing when the surface of the car is hot. So avoid washing your car immediately if it has been out in the sun for long. If you do so it might lead to big, ugly spots deposits as soap will dry up sooner making it very difficult to wash.

When the wheels of your car are clean it not only adds beauty to your car but also protects the tyres from weathering. So keep the wheels and tyres of your car clean.

Start by rinsing it well with water to loosen all the dirt and mud. Ensure that you wash the wheel spokes and the inner rim surface. If you are using a hose then remove the nozzle. To scrub off the tough-to-remove mud use a wash mitt. Spray wheel cleaner if needed and scrub with a wheel brush. Once it is properly cleaned, dry the wheels with a lint-free cloth.

If the windshield wiper blades get dirty, gently lift them and wipe with a soft cloth.

Once you’ve washed your car, use a synthetic and soft terry towel to dry it. Alternatively you can also use a squeegee but don’t let the car air dry. It might leave hard water marks.

So what are you waiting for? If you notice grime and dirt on your car try these easy do-it-yourself tips and get a sparkling car.

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