Take your kids to Al Mazaar Edutainment Centre in Muscat
February 15, 2017 | 6:28 PM
by Swati Dasgupta
Al Mazaar Edutainment Centre. Photo: Shabin E.

A toddler walked inside the play area brimming with confidence; he didn’t have an iota of inhibition as he forayed into an unfamiliar territory at ease. Within minutes we could see him climb on to a ride while his mother waved him from a distance and walked out towards the adjacent café. We were at the entrance of the Adventure Zone in the recently launched, Edutainment Centre at Al Mazaar in Barr Al Jissah, watching the antics of a toddler on a bright and breezy Friday morning.

Nestled inside Barr Al Jissah’s Heritage village this newly-built centre is one-of-a-kind edutainment centre and has everything that allows children to explore their creative side, from a dedicated zone where children can wield all their energies called the Spring Box and Oman’s first ever trampoline hall, to the Art Box, where you can let your creativity loose; Edutainment Centre has it all.

As we walked inside the sprawling enclosed area towards the main lobby to buy our entrance tickets, we noticed a bunch of young girls busy with their paints and canvases unawares of all that was happening around them. We were at the Art Box.

“The entire centre has been segregated into four different entertainment areas, what we refer to as boxes. Right now we have Spring Box, Art Box, Adventure Zone, and Teen Zone.”

“Art Box is a unique concept promoting arts for the entire family that encourages children to create their own masterpieces while visitors can also get involved in art workshops – from T-shirt painting, origami, and sand art, to school art activities,” said Ece Barlah, marketing manager at Barr Al Jissah Resort.

“Al Mazaar Edutainment Centre offers a dynamic programme of kid’s entertainment, sports activities, art, culture, and much more for adults and children alike to enjoy,” added Ece.

As we walked past our eyes fell on a designated art wall which had colourful hand impressions.

“This is the Hands of Oman wall, a unique concept that was initiated to promote art. The other art walls are Omani Orchard Wall, Rainbow Jigsaw Wall, You Create Wall, and Chalk Wall that intends to encourage interactive art among the visitors. Also, the gallery space showcasing the children’s artworks is a way to inspire youngsters to bring out their creativity.

“At the Spring Box we have the first ever trampoline hall and the biggest of its kind in the region — with sports activities including basketball, climbing, and a specially-designed gladiator course; while the multi-purpose air-conditioned sports field is available for basketball, football, and badminton use,” informed Ece. In addition to the Adventure and Teen Zones, at Al Mazaar there is a dedicated children’s Party Box and a special lounge, where parents can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee at Zafran Café as their children have a ball at the party.

After some real fun-filled moments as you walk towards the exit you will spot a collection of classic cars tucked away in a corner; they are indeed a feast for the eyes. These vintage cars are on exhibit seven days a week from 9am-8pm and as you walk around you gather some interesting history behind each one of them.

There are more in store at this perfect play factory, which isn’t just a place to entertain your children but also to get them off their couch and explore their creativity. [email protected]

Al Mazaar Edutainment Centre

Shangri-la Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

Open daily from 9.00am to 8.00pm

Bookings can be made at the Al Mazaar ticketing office

Call +968 2477 6856

Instagram: @almazaar

Twitter: @almazaar

Facebook: @almazaaroman

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