All about apps: MyFitnessPal
January 29, 2017 | 4:10 PM
by Salim Al Afifi

We are in an era where almost everyone is on the move, and keeping track of what you eat can become a true burden for those of us who count their calories, as we don’t have time for a journal or pen-and-paper actions that involve math and a lot of time. Thanks to Smartphone apps and modern tech, we got an app that made the whole journey of weight loss much easier, manageable, and can be done on the go.

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular diet tracking Smartphone apps (originally a website), that aids its users count their daily calorie intake by logging into a virtual diary. The app keeps track of the food you consume, as well as the exercises you perform. And, each member of MyFitnessPal gets a dedicated diary where he’s allowed to put or barcode-scan his calories, as well as set weight goals. You can add breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack accordingly, and the best part is, it stores food and meals information that you eat often so you can easily reuse them without the need to scan or type in calories

The app shows how many calories you burned exercising on a variety of workouts, which are more than 300 exercises saved in its database. The method used to count calories and burned fat is based on specific logged in information such as weight, height, and gender. MyFitnessPal is perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle, and are looking forward to better and healthier eating habits. Whether you’re into weight loss or gain, this is your ultimate guide.[email protected]

Launched: 2005

Why to Download Now: The app has a community feature, where members can post, share, and read tips and advices on dieting and exercising. And, it offers premium features such as full control over daily nutrition goals.

Available for: Blackberry, Android, Windows, and the iPhone.

Permissions: Camera, Photo Gallery

Size: 80.5 MB

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