How to inculcate a new hobby

T-Mag Thursday 01/October/2020 11:13 AM
By: Antara Bose
How to inculcate a new hobby

Anytime a child has wailed about boredom, we’ve heard this one golden line - ‘get a hobby’. The truth is, even as adults, we’ve heard that (and we won’t get into why). But having a hobby, or even multiple hobbies, is essential to feel fulfilled, and age is definitely no bar. Here are a few ways to start on a new hobby.
1) Allocate time – No matter how busy your schedule might be, take time out for your new hobby. Even if you haven’t figured out what your new hobby will be, a little ‘me-time’ will help you think about how you would like to de-stress.
2) Get in touch with your inner child – Open your photo album and look at the various toys you’d play with as a child. Think about what games would excite you the most. If you had a playroom, what was in your favourite corner? Maybe you liked building tents; that could indicate a more adventurous side of you. Maybe you had a fascination with painting so you can consider tapping into the artistic side of you again.
3)  Experiment – If you have grown out of your childhood interests, there is no harm in giving new activities a try. Visit a library, go on a trek, or hit the gaming arcade. Think about which of these activities excited you the most.
4) Share with friends – It always helps to have someone to talk to. If you’re trying something new, find others who share the same interest. They can give you tips, encourage you, and even appreciate what you’ve done.
5) Set goals – Achieving a target is satisfying. It will push you to stick to your new hobby, and the better you get at it, the more you will start enjoying it.
6) Think about purchases – Consider the non-essential things you end up buying. You could enjoy indulging in fancy home décor, stationery items, or even tools. This could give you an indication of the kind things you like doing.
7) Reflect on things that make you forget – We’ve all experienced situations when we’ve lost track of time because we enjoyed ourselves so much. Give a thought to what kind of activities you were indulging in at these points.   
8) Possibility of earnings – Your passion could also earn you some extra bucks. For some, this is a good motivation to pursue a hobby more vigorously.