How to Appear Smarter

T-Mag Tuesday 15/September/2020 15:22 PM
By: Antara Bose
How to Appear Smarter

Sometimes we get caught in discussions that just aren’t our forte. Or maybe we just aren’t in our element at that particular time. Sleep deprivation could also be a hurdle. But nobody wants to leave a bad impression, right? So, if you want to come across as someone smart, here are a few tricks that don’t require you to read every book in the library.

Use a fancy word – That specifically means it should not be a line full of ‘never-heard-before-words’. It’s impossible to keep that up all through the conversation. Use one every now and then, and it’ll give your listener a cue that you have a good grasp over your vocabulary. At the same time, make sure you are still clear about what you are trying to put across – don’t lose yourself in the attempt to sound smarter. On another note, the more difficult words you learn (and make a conscious attempt to keep using), the more you will actually better your command over the language. Eventually, you don’t have to try that hard.

Appreciate – No one is going to appreciate your smartness if you come across as stubborn, rude, and arrogant. When in a discussion, appreciate others’ viewpoints if you do agree. If you don’t, however, know how to counter politely without offending the person.

Smile – By that, we do not mean plaster a grin on your face. Instead, sport a genuine subtle smile. Even if you’re not actively involved in a discussion (because, hey, geopolitics might not be your area of expertise), you’ll come across as someone who understands what is being spoken about. A gentle nod every once in a while also does the trick.

Make eye contact – Look people in the eye while making a conversation. You’ll come across as someone who has a strong opinion (and is probably right), so the chances of people charging at you with a rebuttal are slightly lesser.

Don’t be shy to express – If you have an opinion, formulate your theory well and don’t show any hesitation when you’re putting it out there. Speak with conviction.