COVID vaccines safe, no side effects recorded in Oman so far

Oman Sunday 14/March/2021 19:04 PM
By: Times News Service
COVID vaccines safe, no side effects recorded in Oman so far
Muscat: COVID-19 vaccines used in Oman are safe, with no side effects recorded among those who have been administered them so far, the Ministry of Health has said, quelling rumours about their alleged harmful impact.
“The temporary suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine by some countries was a precautionary measure taken by these countries to investigate some cases of blood clotting observed in some of those who received the vaccine,” said the ministry in a statement, addressing media reports over the suspension of the COVID jab.
“No serious side effects have been recorded for vaccines used in Oman against COVID-19 to date,” the MoH went on to add. “It should be noted that the WHO and European Medicines Agency have stated that there is no direct link between blood clotting and issuing the vaccine in the countries that have recorded such events. The investigation of the actual causes continues.”
The Ministry of Health went on to say that there is no preferential treatment of prioritising one vaccine over another when it comes to vaccine distribution in Oman, in terms of efficacy and safety.
Vaccines used in the country were selected by a specialised technical team that analyses vaccines on the basis of studies published in prestigious scientific journals, as well as recommendations from international organisations,
“The ministry assures everyone that no vaccine is registered for use in Oman until it has been approved by the country of origin, or the international regulatory bodies accredited in this regard,” the statement explained, with the ministry asking those who are eligible for a vaccine to take it as soon as they are able to, and requested people in the country to not unnecessarily spread rumours that tended to cause unfounded fear and panic in others.
MoH also reminded people to continue to wash their hands, wear masks, and practice social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.