Cosy calorie-conscious cooking

T-Mag Wednesday 06/January/2021 17:59 PM
By: Brandpoint
Cosy calorie-conscious cooking

Many celebrations are now held virtually, but sharing your favourite recipes and making them together can be a great way to feel close together while miles apart. With a few simple steps and recipe updates, you'll be able to share new delicious and low-cal dishes with loved ones without having to abandon your personal wellness goals for 2021.

Smart ingredient updates
When looking at creating recipes, consider healthful ingredient swaps. For example, in some recipes for baked goods, unsweetened applesauce or ripe mashed bananas can be used as a substitute for butter. Another example is adding additional spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg for flavour in order to cut some of the sugar content. For dishes that require bread, opt for whole  grain bread. This  option is healthy and delicious, high in fibre without sacrificing flavour.

Go for lean proteins

Make lean proteins a staple for your celebratory meals this season. Some examples might include turkey, chicken, beans, lentils and fish. If cooking meat, trim the fat and consider alternate preparation methods such as baking, sauteing and steaming. Finally, consider skipping sauces and gravies that are often high in saturated fat and sodium. If you want to add flavour, try fresh herbs that add a bit of zest without many additional calories.

Try new recipes
In addition to your favourites, consider new recipes for your winter festivities. And remember, celebrations can happen any time of day.