In love with Oman at first sight, says Akcent founder Adrian Sina
November 9, 2016 | 7:00 PM
by Deeba Hasan
Oman is different and more beautiful than any of the Middle East territories. Photo Supplied

Akcent, a multi-certified, award winning, eight member Romanian musical band recently performed at the Cave Restaurant gardens in Muscat, where they sang some of their most popular hits and had the audience of about 2,000 people on their feet all through. The group also shot a music video in Oman. Here Adrian Sina, the lead singer of the band, shares his experiences of performing in Oman.

It was your first time in Oman, what were your first impressions?

I had arrived early morning and after a bit of sleep we started our shoot for a music video for my next single to be released in the coming months. Oman was very different to what I had expected. Beautiful places and warm people everywhere, I must admit it was love at first sight with the country. Oman is different and more beautiful than any of the Middle East territories and I have to thank Tour Oman for arranging such a beautiful trip.

How was your journey? Where were you before coming to Oman?

I had a more than pleasant journey with Turkish Airlines to Muscat, travelling more than 4,000km to reach Muscat from my home country, Romania. The night before my travel to Oman I was in the capital city of Bucharest, having a show in one of the most popular venues in the city.

What did you hear about Oman before coming here?

I have to admit that I did not know much about Oman before coming, just scattered information from what I saw on TV and what my friends from India have told me stories about. Meeting a new audience during the concert was a great experience and I was glad everyone liked the show. I would like to thank everyone for the love and support shown and the thousands of messages that I received from Oman.

What does Adrian do when he is not working?

I love spending time with my family, my beautiful wife, and five children. We go for movies, ride bicycles, play soccer and many more family activities. We also love to travel and see the world and I hope I will come back to Oman soon with them and show them this beautiful country that I enjoyed staying so much. Once again, thanks to Oman Tourism and Dunes by Al Nahda Resort for hosting me.

What’s your forthcoming project?

After I finish the music video shoot I will be heading to Vienna in Austria where I will be working on new music to be released next year.

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Life in Brief

Arian Claudiu Sînă (born April 18, 1977), popularly known as Adrian Sina or simply Adi Sina is a Romanian singer-songwriter, record producer, radio DJ and entertainer. He is best known for creating, producing and singing in the dance group Akcent and also for writing and producing mainstream hit songs for himself and other international artists.

Adrian Claudiu Sînă discovered his passion for music when he was in the seventh grade. His father bought him a jukebox and he started being interested in music and sound. He studied at the city’s Telecommunications Lyceum. At the age of 16 he was the DJ at his high school’s prom. Afterwards, he was a famous disc jokey in his community, acting as a resident DJ at the Phoenix Club. At the age of 18, he began radio-mixing and he launched his own radio show on Radio Contact. He then met Ramona Barta and along with her he created the group Akcent.

The first single the duo has released was Nu-mi pasă de nimeni (I don’t care about anyone) and it was met with positive reactions by critics.

In 2010, Adi Sina released his first solo single, called Hold On. It was a top-thirty success in Romania, but it was also a major hit in other Balkan countries.

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