Oman Culture: Kash5aful, the trending fashion brand in Oman
November 2, 2016 | 6:06 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Inspired by modernity yet being rooted to the Arabian culture, Ahmed strikes a perfect balance of both the genre.

Modest fashion, a category we often associate with elegance coming from the Arabian Peninsula, it’s a rich, fashionable, and quite varied style that’s been taking the local fashion scene by storm.

However, there are those who prefer to go a step further towards innovative designs that scream vogue but still keep the modest vibe intact. Recently I had the pleasure to meet Ahmed Al Balushi, the founder and designer of Kash5aful brand (pronounced Kashkhaful), and explored his latest collection titled ‘hiya’, for women.

Being one of the youngest award winning fashion designers in town, Ahmed’s creativity goes beyond words. In his latest collection of ‘hiya’, which translates to ‘her’, he combined modern aesthetics in the textile department with elements from modest fashion. His vision is to create stylish pieces that not only the bold, fierce, and edgy women can wear but at the same time, scarf-wearing ladies too can sport it elegantly. “I wanted modest and modern women to be able to wear the pieces and feel elegant,” said Ahmed, adding that he wanted to create a collection with elements that could be enjoyed by both categories of women.

The collection is divided into a number of sections, the first section is long casual shirts, which can be worn with jeans. The next section is dedicated to cardigan-style pieces that are absolutely edgy and add that extra oomph to your evening ensemble. Then, there’s the causal evening-look dresses. These pieces are made of stretch materials that accentuate the figure, with an attached kimono that covers the body to a modest length, not to mention they are creatively designed for the modest women who’d love to sport stretch-material pieces to wear them with full confidence, because there are a variety of kimonos that women can pick and choose according to their liking.

The final section is saved for last, the formal, inspired-by-the-sixties style. To me, this is the most interesting among the pieces; it involves vintage square pants and puffy shirts. “This particular look is for slim girls who would like to add more confidence to their looks,” he said. In short, this super fashionable style offers you a confidence booster with a hint of glam.

Ahmed uses an autumn colour palette for the collections. Cloud-white, navy blues, shades of brown, blacks, and reds are some of the colours that are adorning the pieces. As for the materials, he uses double layered and stretchable materials, as well as comfy cotton.

The looks are majorly influenced by the modest fashion with a bit of sixties, which is trend that is definitely back in business.

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