Make the playground safer for your children

Lifestyle Wednesday 20/February/2019 22:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Make the playground safer for your children

You don't always have to provide thorough supervision to your kids while they ride the swings or engage with the outdoor playground equipment. Most parents feel like they need to stay with their child at all times to make sure that they don’t get hurt. It is quite normal for parents to be overprotective of their children, but even the intense supervision cannot avoid inevitable injuries. So, what can you do to make sure that your child stays unharmed during an outdoor activity? The most important thing is to make sure that your child plays with the age appropriate toys and commercial playground equipment. Many internationally recognised recreational system brands offer age-appropriate recreational systems that not only give your child the opportunity to develop essential skill set, but also provide the playground safety that most parents seek.
Make sure that toddlers and preschoolers have a separate play area. Most toddlers get injured when they play together with preschoolers who are far more active and energetic in the playgrounds than the toddlers. Always ensure that the play areas have rubberized matting, sand or other soft material under the swings and playground equipment, so children do not get hurt while they roughhouse around the rides.
To make sure that your children do not get any splinter, always choose playground equipment that is design with fine quality, polished wood, which reduces the chances of splinters.
Thoroughly inspect the playground equipment before letting your children engage in a physical activity in the playground. While inspecting the playground equipment, make sure that there are no loose hooks, broken chains or protruding fence wires. If the children are playing with metal equipment, make sure that the equipment is not rusted and has no exposed bolts. Teach your child to properly ride the swings. Make sure that he learns to hold the swings properly during the ride. Never allow your children to play in the rain or right after rain.
Make sure that your kids wear proper sportswear clothing items in the playground. You do not necessarily have to buy expensive children sportswear; you can simply dress up your kids in proper clothes. For example, a trouser is better than the shorts. You cannot always protect your child, but the above-mentioned tips can help you reduce the chances of playground injuries.