Authorities warn not to look at solar eclipse with naked eye

T TV Wednesday 25/December/2019 13:38 PM
By: Times News Service

People who attempt to watch a solar eclipse through their naked eyes could experience a host of problems, including blurry vision, black spots and pain, among others.

Ahead of the upcoming annular solar eclipse on December 26, Oman Airports has put out a list of some of the symptoms people can experience, should they not use protective eyewear to watch the eclipse.

“Eye damage symptoms from an eclipse include blurry vision, distorted or undulating vision, changes in the way you see colours (achromatopsia), headaches, sensitivity to light, black spots and/or holes in your vision, and pain. You should immediately see a doctor,” the statement from the officials said.

They also added that you should use adequate protection. Your sunglasses do not work. They do not protect your eyes if directly exposed to a solar eclipse.