5th National Cybersecurity Drill concludes

Business Wednesday 11/September/2019 18:33 PM
By: Times News Service
5th National Cybersecurity Drill concludes

Muscat: The National Cybersecurity Drill, organised by the Information Technology Authority (ITA), represented by Oman National Cybersecurity Readiness Teams (OCERT), concluded on Wednesday.

The drill was carried out from 9 - 11 September, 2019, under the title "Malware and the dark Internet: the constant threat" with the participation of more than 70 government entities and the critical infrastructure sector units.

The event focused on building the national capabilities of government entities and national critical infrastructure in the Sultanate, to handle all kinds of cybersecurity incidents and to enhance their readiness and preparedness to respond to these incidents.

Additionally, this drill aimed at enhancing coordination and cooperation between ITA’s OCERT and different government and private entities in all sectors.

The three days national drill included implementing a number of scenarios for simulating various cybersecurity threats and how they can be handled through CERTs and also measured the response rate between participating teams to ensure the continuation of joint efforts to address cyber threats.

The first day of the drill included the presentation of papers by a number of experts and specialists in cybersecurity to highlight the role of CERTs in responding to cyber incidents and the importance of developing the skills of national human resources, especially with the technological advancements, which is accompanied by an improvement in the level of threats and hackers’ capabilities and ways.

The second and third day were dedicated to the implementation of the drills for government entities and for companies and the critical infrastructure units.